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More Trouble For WeWork’s Ex-CEO – Top Trending Stories

Here are today’s Top 5 News & Events from Around the World. Take a look!


More Trouble For WeWork’s Ex CEO, Faces Pregnancy Discrimination Charges

Adam Neumann at a conference
Image Credits: Flickr STUART ISETT/Fortune Brainstorm TECH

One of the former top aides of WeWork who has worked with the ex-CEO of WeWork Adam Neumann has accused him of discriminating her due to pregnancy. The aide has also accused other top leaders of the firm. Medina Bardhi has filed a federal lawsuit in this matter. She recounts how she was demoted and eventually fired from her job for going on leave due to her pregnancy. Link.



Twitter To Ban Political Ads, Is Zuckerberg Listening?

Jack Dorsey meeting PM Modi

Taking a dig at Facebook’s policy of not banning political ads on its platform, Twitter has decided to ban all forms of political ads on its micro-blogging site. But the announcement also made it clear that if someone pays for an ad political or otherwise won’t see any restrictions. This is in contrast to what Facebook has done so far by not banning political ads even if they are misleading. Link.



Fictional Podcast, The Next Thing On Netflix?


Netflix is branching out to new segments in the entertainment world. The leading streaming service provider is planning to launch a scripted fictional podcast in November this year. Will it be accepted by its audience? Only time will tell. Link.



Facebook Accepts To Pay Up For The Cambridge Analytica Scandal

Image Credits: Facebook

Facebook has agreed to pay for the Cambridge Analytica scandal that took place on its platform. It will pay 500000 pounds in a privacy case that stems from the scandal. Still, the social media giant won’t accept any liability for the breach but will pay the fine anyway. Link.



24 Month Interest-Free Installments On iPhones, Only For Apple Card Holders

Girl holding an iPhone

Good news for Apple cardholders. They can now purchase a brand new Apple iPhone for zero-interest for up to 24 months. Apple is targeting those people who often upgrade to a new phone. It’s a strategy to upsell the latest offering from the mobile maker. Link.


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