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Monsoon: Innovate Better with Electronic Brainstorming Utility

Monsoon innovate better with electronic brainstorming utility. It is a Web 2.0 application which adapts a totally different yet simplistic approach for brainstorming sessions.

Monsoon is ideally suited for a team of people who work on the same project but from different places. Monsoon basically provides a very intuitive and well organised platform for sharing thoughts and ideas amongst the team members.

It’s a chat room type interface which provides everyone, an opportunity to put forward their views. Moreover, it allows more than one person to talk at a time which makes the process of communication much quicker and easier.

The best part of this web based software is the depth of anonymity it provides. The ideas submitted to the worker are anonymous and the workers in turn anonymously rate the ideas out of ten. This avoids the unnecessary biasing of the workers to their friend’s ideas.

Above all, the workers can easily post their creative ideas without being shy of presenting that idea in front of colleagues and superiors. Another great feature of Monsoon is that it runs completely within the web browser thereby eliminating the need of any software installation or OS limitations. Moreover, the interface is pretty easy to use and seems very familiar even while using it for the first time.

Management of ideas is very comfortable. You can select the topics to be discussed and then move the ideas under specific subtopics. After the submission of ideas, you can start the voting process where all ideas are rated by the workers. Report generation of the ideas is also automated and is available as a PDF file on the reports page; sorted in 3 different categories: bye category, by the voting score and as a transcript of the whole session.

Monsoon is ideal for small companies due to the affordable plans it provides for brainstorming sessions. Charges are levied on a monthly basis which saves you from the restriction on the number of talks per month. Price of plan depends on the number of people that will join a session. You can check the pricing details here.

Head on to if you want to try this innovative web service.

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