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Trustworthy Monat reviews to help you choose smartly

The Monat product range is under the scanner. Claims made by the company have failed to impress. We are sharing with you Monat reviews so you can decide for yourself.


When the Monat range of products was first launched in the USA, the customers welcomed it with open arms. Their extensive range of products and choice of ingredients drew the attention of the people. However, only a few years down the line, the situation reversed. 

In 2017, one of their own affiliates realized that the customers were not entirely happy with the product range.  A large number of them complained of side effects, and the company plainly ignored the same.

Monat as a brand started receiving flak for its range as many people suffered from hair thinning, hair fall, and other side effects. Despite attempts to salvage the situation, nothing seemed to work. People were troubled, and many of them filed lawsuits against the company. 

The concern, according to these people, was that the company was promoting the wrong ingredients.  Apart from that, many customers faced severe health issues as hormonal imbalances affected their overall well-being. 

As the company prepares to hand over compensation for their wrongdoing, we will share with you honest Monat reviews to help you decide.

A glance at Monat Reviews 


Trustworthy Monat reviews to help you choose smartly

The product range

Before starting with discussing the Monat reviews 2021, it is better if we first share with you details of the product range. This information is vital so you can figure out which of the products are actually worth the money.

  • REJUVENIQE® Oil Intensive
  • REJUVENIQE S™ Advanced Hydrating Shampoo
  • REJUVENIQE S™ Advanced Hydrating Conditioner
  • Volume system-Volumizing Revitalize Conditioner
  • Reshape Root lifter
  • Volume system Volumizing Revitalize Shampoo
  • Hydration system- Renew Shampoo
  • Hydration system -Restore leave-in conditioner
  • Hydration system -Replenish Masque
  • Magnify range Renew Shampoo
  • Magnify range Volumizing Revitalize Conditioner
  • Effortless style system- Shampoo, conditioner, and Blow out the cream
  • Classic confidence system- Shampoo +conditioner and Intense repair system
  • Monat Junior- Shampoo, conditioner, and Detangler
  • Super Nourish Oil cream- Shampoo, conditioner
  • Restructuring hair care collection- shampoo, pre-wash conditioner, and hair masque
  • Monat Studio products
  • REJUVENIQE S™ intense repair hair products

The good part of reviews on Monat products

Moving on, we will first discuss the excellent aspect of the Monat products. This review is an honest analysis and will surely give you an idea of whether you should invest your money in this product range or not. Here we would like to tell you that the Monat product range falls under the high price range; hence reading Monat reviews before deciding is necessary. Firstly we will share with you some benefits you experience after using the Monat products.

Volume– Use of the Monat hair range provides a certain level of volume to your hair. This volume is evident in the bounce you can experience once you start washing your hair with these products. Your hair roots are lifted, and you would want to revel in this feeling of lightness. However, many customers have raised their concern that the volume remains only for a day after the hair wash. Post that, the hair falls flat, and the resultant effect is not quite impressive. However, the results seen could vary from person to person.

Texture– The texture of hair, as most people suggest, shows some level of improvement. But, most of them also feel that the effect is not as drastic as they hoped. The change was, in fact, so subtle that it was barely noticeable at all. Moreover, the transformation varies from one person to another. While, for one, it could be a change in the strength that is evident for others, it could not be so explicit. Hence it is not wise enough to assume that the texture would improve for you as well.

Manageable hair-An exciting part of these Monat product reviews is that there is no bluffing around with the information you are getting. After the usage of the haircare range, the growth of the hair shows a spurt. This spurt is quite evident, and most women find it tough to comprehend in the beginning.  However, over some time, women have said that they found their hair much more manageable than before. The overall health of their hair was improved.  Most of them seemed happy to have hair that remained in their control for more extended periods.

Lower maintenance– No one likes taking care of their hair all the time. Once the hair is washed, we expect that the hair remains smooth and silky until the next wash. And yes, by next wash, we mean at least with two or three days in between. Some users have also mentioned that the quality of their hair was much better on the second day after the hair wash. Whatever it is, the hair is easy to tend and does not require much effort on your part. But again, as we said before, this result too could vary from person to person.

Faster growth– Definitely, those customers who showed their confidence in the Monat haircare range confirmed its efficacy regarding increasing hair growth. However, most of them also said that it was not existing hair that showed a considerable growth spurt. It was actually new hair that sprouted from the scalp. This is an exciting observation as many people suffer from thin or sparse hair. For them, encouraged hair growth without much effort is something they would really look forward to.

Smell– We cannot ignore this aspect of Monat hair care reviews as we all pay a lot of attention to the physical characteristics of any cosmetic. The smell of these hair care products is pretty refreshing. Customers who claim to have used the products confirm that the scent remains in their hair for longer durations. The product comprises the use of lots of natural oils. It is these ingredients that tend to give the product the smell and feel that it exudes.

Thicker hair– Some users actually stopped using the Monat hair products in between the trial period. However, despite that these people felt that there was a remarkable feeling in the overall thickness of the hair. Two days after a hair wash also the hair would appear and feel soft and thick on touching. This means that using the product regularly for a decent period would definitely provide it the strength that our hair craves for.

Softness in the hair- Messy hair is a situation that we want to avoid at all costs. However, the continuous exposure to sun, dirt, and pollution means that our hair is beautiful only when we just had a hair wash. Post the hair wash the shine is lost once we leave the confines of our home. This implies that even if you wash diligently, there is no chance the hair would look good after a day or two. However, with the Monat product range, many users claimed that their hair was noticeably softer and manageable even after a day or two had passed.

Good for hair loss after delivery– In the situation that you have just given birth, the Monat hair care range restores the sheen in your hair. Monat shampoo usage helps to smoothen and relax the hair, and for those with curly hair, it helps to remove the waves. There is no sense of itchiness or any other reaction, and the overall result is a clean and healthier scalp.

Can manage without hair wash for 2-3 days– Sometimes people have oily scalps, and they have to wash their hair every other day as otherwise, it is difficult to manage. Their scalp exudes oil, and the hair looks messy if not washed frequently. However, as per users, the Monat products give you hair that looks clean and fresh despite 2 or 3 days passing. This means you use less of the product and the quality of your hair remains top-notch.

Bad reviews on Monat hair products    

Monat products have faced a lot of criticism over the last few years. This is probably because many users faced some sort of allergic reactions that made them distrust the product completely. The next section of the Monat reviews will cover the ugly aspects of the product range. 

Price-First and most importantly, the Monat hair care range is highly exorbitant. If you compare the prices with the benefit their products offer, then you actually feel the pinch. For a simple shampoo and conditioner, the price quoted is $70 that does not include the shipping charges. The total costing comes to around $80, which is enormous. Again if you are a VIP member, you get free shipping, and the cost reduces to $ 60. 

Manipulation tactics-The Monat team uses manipulation tactics to force their customers to pay extra bucks. This probably is one of the most substantial reasons people went against the company and protested against its practices. Customers are supposed to pay $20 in order to sign up to the account as VIP members. In case the product does not match your requirements and you decide to return, the company cites three months as the duration for the product to be effective. 

Here they offer you only one month to return the product, so if you use the product beyond it, you are at a loss. In the future, if you want to discontinue the membership, you will have to pay $25 to do so, which seems an unreasonable expense. Plus, their agreement mentions that if a customer does not make two orders worth $84, their previous fees would be forfeited.

Allergies– Another issue that we would like to cover as part of the Monat reviews is the side effects the use of these products shows. The company cites its products as “all-natural” and that it is safe for everyone. However, people can be allergic to natural things as well. You might end with a rash, sore, itch, and that could be because of any of the oils the company uses.

However, when you mention this to the company, they ask you to continue saying you are in the ‘detox phase’ at that moment. This implies you have to continue using the treatment even though your body is not positively reacting to the product.

Hormones– The exciting part of Monat’s hair reviews 2019 comes now. Actual methodology the shampoo uses is by using a plant that acts like Oestrogen in your body. Post-Menopausal women are given Red clover extract to maintain their Estrogen levels from dropping. This hormone is directly related to the overall length and thickness of your hair. When the hormonal levels of Estrogen dip after pregnancy, women face thinning of hair. 

By implanting this hormone artificially in your body, the situation can negatively impact your body. Even a healthy female can face heavy periods, severe period symptoms, and a miscarriage in case she is pregnant. Overall this is something that the company will never mention in front of the customers. They mostly paint a rosy picture of the effects of their products, but the reality is quite different from the same.

Lots of maintenance– The problem that we would like to mention in Monat reviews is that the company plainly says that you cannot use any other hair product when you are using theirs. This implies that you just have to use their shampoo and conditioner in order for it to show some change. With no other support, these products take some time, and until then, you have to keep spending the same massive amounts. 

If you try and quit in between, the manipulative practices do not allow you to do so. Eventually, for some good 4-5 months, you are shelling nearly $500 only on hair care. Even after that, there is no guarantee that you would get the luscious hair that the company claims its product offer. There is no guarantee on the efficacy of the hair products, which is a significant disadvantage.

Customer service– On the Better Business Bureau, Monat is not a favored company. The customers have trashed the company for its illegal practices and the harmful effects of its products. However, a lot of them have also complained about the quality of their customer service. Since the rules of membership are complicated, it is evident if a person wants to clarify doubts. However, whenever contacted, the customer service agents are exceptionally rude to the customers. 

Not only do that, but many of the users also complain that these agents never provide concrete answers to their doubts. Upon requesting them to cancel, these agents impose a massive cancellation fee which makes it difficult for the customer to pull out. Also, even after canceling the membership, the company keeps sending the products. In case you refuse to pay, the agents harass you to return the product, and you have to pay the shipping charges.

Monat forces their reps to write positive reviews– All over the internet, the customers have said some mean things about the product range of Monat. This implies that any new customer would be discouraged from using the products just by reading these reviews. Monat understood the damage this caused, and hence now its reps keep writing positive reviews to combat the negative ones already there.

In January 2018, BBB was flooded with hundreds of positive reviews for Monat. They were forced to check the sources as all these reviews were created in a span of 3 days. BBB realized that the affiliates wrote all the reviews of Monat. Unfortunately, the affiliates are not supposed to write any reviews on behalf of the company. Understanding this scam, the BBB removed all the reviews without further checking.

Monat does not use original models for advertising– 

Commonly customers form their opinions of any product based on the advertising that the company circulates. This is one of the primary reasons why other companies pay a lot of attention to their advertising campaigns. However, in the case of Monat, they never use their models for advertising. In a sense, the models they show are purely shutter stock images and not models showing the impact of Monat products. 

This means that whatever claims the company is making for its products have no conclusive proof behind them. There is no evidence that the products would make your hair beautiful, thick and shiny. The only proof is the innumerable positive reviews created by the company’s MLM affiliates, which of course, you cannot blindly trust.

Claims to be FDA approved 

The Monat team claims that the FDA has approved all their products. In fact, if you come in touch with a Monat rep, he will pursue you with the FDA-approved tag. However, there is a secret that the company has not bothered to divulge. At a point, the FDA scrutinized each of Monat’s products through their assembly line.

The FDA’s observations were rather alarming. As per the reports, a surprise check was conducted in March 2018, and while packaging, a lot of the products had their caps left open. Apart from that, there were contaminated items kept close to the assembly line. This means that the products that are eventually delivered to the customers have very high chances of receiving contaminated products. If this is the packaging system’s condition, how can the FDA approve the products is a question that they seriously need to answer.

The basic problem with the Monat range

In a snapshot, we would like to discuss the exact problem that originates when a customer buys a Monat company product.

  • The customer starts using a Monat product for the first time
  • After the first wash or so, their skin breaks out in sores, and itchiness ensues
  • Upon contact, the Monat rep claims that this is only the ‘Detox phase’ of the use of the product.
  • With times these sores start worsening, and the hair becomes brittle and starts thinning or falling out.
  • Again when contacted, the Monat rep tells them some kind of story about this being the ‘Detox phase’ and that they should continue using.
  • Symptoms continue to worsen.
  • Eventually, the customer is forced to stop using the product, or a third party asks them to do so.
  • The Monat rep says that they gave up too early. Or he will blame the customer for not using the product correctly. 
  • No money is refunded, and the customer has to pay back shipping charges to send back any unopened products.
  • If you have unknowingly received additional products, you will have to pay for them whether you want the item or not.

The legal case against Monat

Next, we would like to bring to your attention the legal case pending against Monat. These cases were registered by the people who suffered damage after using the products. In some of the lawsuit’s claims were made that the shampoo usage led to severe hair fall. Apart from that, the advertising was also a cause of concern as people cited them as misleading the customer.

Class action lawsuit

A case was registered against Monat in Miami, Florida and the plaintiffs alleged that the ingredients used were never inspected for contamination. Thus the product packaging was defective and not mentioning each ingredient properly. In fall 2019, Monat requested that the case should be dismissed. Though the judge eliminated a part of the case, the balance is still up for a jury trial.

Multidistrict litigation

As we move on in the Monat reviews, you will find that the company is in some serious trouble. Multiple class-action lawsuits were filed by disgruntled customers complaining about the harmful effects of its ingredients. Seeing so many cases, all of them combined into one Multidistrict litigation. This would make it simpler to complete all the legal proceedings.

Apart from that, the USFDA also received multiple complaints. They are now assessing nearly 187 adverse effects reports against Monat products. Some 576 complaints were registered in the Better Business Bureau, and there are scores of angry Monat hair reviews 2019 posted online.

Result of the lawsuits

Eventually, the company had to accept a sort of defeat and issue a refund to the customers they fleeced. All such customers had to submit a form with all the details to the Florida Attorney General’s Consumer Protection Division before 13th February 2021. Along with that, they had to provide all the receipts of the product purchases and a solid reason why they are asking for a refund. 

The customers also had to return the product to the company. In case of inability to provide the product, the customer had to give a reason why they cannot do so. The user also had to mention how the product damaged hair or caused any discomfort. All these allegations need to be backed by solid proof and pieces of evidence to support them. 

Basically, the company is trying to say that you can get a refund only if you have all the papers proving the allegations. In case the customer does not have any evidence, he may or may not get the refund. We are awaiting the result of this refund program.

Final Verdict of the Monat Reviews 

After understanding the exact story behind the Monat product range, we think it is time for us to give a conclusive verdict. As a product range, the entire range definitely shows some level of promise. Many users have noted that their hair has gained volume, strength, and shine after using the Monat range. However, the results that they claim to have achieved result from extensive use of the product range.

This means that customers had to use the Monat hair care only and nothing else for the actual results to show. Those who did not have the patience to wait for the change gave up in the middle of the program itself. Doing that also did not help much as the cost of sending the product back was too much. Apart from that, the company’s strange policies made the customers feel trapped and forced to continue the usage. 

Then there were many customers who showed that their hair faced damage after using the haircare range. It is this section of customers who filed cases upon cases against the company’s fraudulent policies. There were also reports of women facing hormonal imbalances as the product use messed with their Estrogen levels. In fact, some of them faced symptoms like painful cramps, acne, abnormal discharges, and nausea.

When you opt for any cosmetic product, this is not what you hope to get in any case. Naturally, this implies that the number of negatives of the product outnumbers the positives. There are multiple hair products in the market. Investing your money in a product that is so expensive and has such drastic side effects is not something that anyone would recommend.

You must also remember that exiting the program would not be an easy job. The company has some bizarre policies in place that make it traumatic for any customer to leave the program midway. Moreover, the customer service reps would also be of not much assistance. You might feel trapped, and the only way out is either paying the money or continue the program.

Apart from the health issues, another problem with the company is their misleading advertising. You can believe a company if the advertising campaign can prove their claims to some extent at least. In the case of Monat, the pictures of models shown are lifted from the internet. None of these models would have used their product range at all. Believing the company’s tall claims about the efficacy of the products remains a question to ponder upon.

You should also remember that the other Monat reviews on the internet cannot be believable. Some of the users are actually affiliates of the company’s MLM program. Naturally, they would go to any extent to show that the products are top quality. If you buy the product from their link, they will get some sort of incentive in return. Obviously, they would go out of the way to convince you to purchase the products.

Though we provide reviews on Monat products, we do not want to write off the products altogether. If you think that you can handle the hormonal issues and are ok with spending such massive amounts, then you may give the product a try. But, as soon as you feel that the product is messing with your health or your hair quality is suffering, you should stop using them. It would cost you money, but at least your health remains fine, which is what is most crucial at this point.


Monat as a company has learned their lessons the hard way. After the proceedings with the Attorney General, the company has agreed to rectify some of its policies. As per the agreement, the company can no longer make any false claims about benefiting the customers. They can also not lie about the safety aspects of their products. That is, if there are any chances of side effects, they will promptly mention it.

The company has also agreed never to mention that they have received certification from a Government agency if it is not valid. Again, no usage of Before and After photos in the attempt to trap the unsuspecting customers. Most likely, post this, the company will do its business carefully. It is eventually the customer’s decision whether a company’s products are worth paying for or not. Any attempt to convince the customers by using illegal means is an unethical practice.

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