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MockupTiger – Intuitive Web Wireframing and Prototyping Application

MockupTiger is a very intuitive Web Wireframing and prototyping application. You can build website mockups, mobile app designs and most unique feature is the extensive library of Dashboard charts. No other wireframing app does this as of this writing. These chart widgets are very intelligent and not just static images. They accept data just like all other widgets and change the bars and lines accordingly.

Another interesting aspect about wireframing with mockuptiger is that every text based widget accepts HTML or plain text. So you can use the Text formatting options available or use your custom HTML to come with your own style. This is handy in designing widgets on the spot where the built-in widgets may not be enough for the situation.

MockupTiger is available as online service and also as Desktop product that can be installed on Windows, Linux or Mac. It is a PHP based application so just works like wordpress and readily deployable at enterprises or on-premise.

Wire framing is a crucial step in gathering requirements and enabling good communication between the users and developers. Whether you need design a website, mobile app or a dashboard interface, MockupTiger serves the purpose. Dashboard Interfaces are now very common in all the modern applications and it is crucial to communicate the finer details of each chart widget  along with what goes on the X- axis, what goes on the Y-axis, how you want your legends etc. Traditional wireframe tools can be leverage to build piece by piece using the text and labels but then the productivity suffers a lot and it becomes extremely cumbersome.

MockupTiger comes with flow charting connectors that can be used to connect any widget to another. The interesting aspect is that these are connectors and not mockup lines. The connectors are meant to stay connected to the widgets no matter where you drag them around.

Overall, with 3000+ icons that can be used just like any other widget (drag and drop), MockupTiger has everything you would need when you think about building your next UX interface.


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