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Mobile Phone Technology Trends for 2014

Mobile phones are very important part of life. This article will tell you about some mobile phone technology trends for 2014.

The humble mobile phone. Once the size of a house brick (and almost as useful), has now become probably the most used piece of electrical equipment we own. I mean think about it, are you reading this article on your mobile? There’s a pretty good chance you are as more and more people are using their phone to read, chat, find out information and even book tables at their favourite restaurants than ever before.

With technology changing so quickly in the world of mobile phones, here are a few trends that are worth looking out for in 2014. We can’t guarantee that you’ll be able to say ‘beam me up Scotty’ just yet, but mobile devices are about to get a lot sleeker and sexier across the world.

Admire the Curves

The shape of mobile devices will begin to change in 2014 with a more curved display being introduced. Both Samsung and Galaxy will be releasing new phones with a curve display, which will not only fit to your face a lot better during calls, but also offer a more pronounced viewing platform. As you may have noticed a lot of TV’s are also being curved now, so your mobile becoming a bit of a banana is really no surprise!

Mobile Phone Technology Trends for 2014

Delightful Displays

How many videos and TV programmes do you watch on your mobile device? Probably a lot more than you did 12 months ago, and this trend is going to see more companies concentrate on offering more pixel resolutions than ever before. Manufacturers will be looking to out do their competition on picture quality, which can only be a good thing for consumers across the globe.

Ultra HD

To compliment your new amazing displays will be 4K Ultra HD video, which is going to be a real game changer in 2014. Both the Winter Olympics and the FIFA World Cup in Brazil will be in 4K, with more and more content being released in the format across Netflix and Sony. Your world just got a whole lot brighter.

64bit Architecture

We all know that mobiles can do almost everything apart from walk the dog these days, though we’re sure somebody out there is developing an app to do that too! This is due to the high end chips being used in the design and 2014 is about to see even more 64bit core hardware added to mobile phones across the globe.

Price Wars

The beauty of all this new technology coming into play is that a lot of companies are going to have to start slashing their prices to compete. Competitive mobile plans are now offering generous data plans and hours of talk time. This is great news for the consumer and will also see even more mobiles purchased worldwide. Cheaper, better phones for everyone, you can’t say fairer than that. Bring it on!

As more and more companies concentrate their energies on this multi billion dollar industry, it’s always interesting to see all the latest innovations and trends that are planned. We still remember when Nokia first introduced ’Snake’ to their mobile phones. Now THAT really was a game changer!

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