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Buy Artificial, Imitation Jewellery Online Through Mirraw

Mirraw puts designer and customer under one roof for online shopping. Know how to but artificial , imitation jewellery online through mirraw.

Gone are the days when one had to go to the markets to buy something. Online shopping has changed the world shops. The trend of online shopping is growing at a fast pace majorly because of people confidence in its reliability as well as the comforts associated. Moreover, the social integration of online shopping has also played quite a huge role in its success. Mirraw is one such startup which uses the concept of social media for users as well as for designers.

Mirraw is platform which puts designers and customers under one social roof. At Mirraw, designer who want to indulge in social interaction can set up their fashion boutiques online. Mirraw provides the designer a very intuitive interface to set up boutique and add products and offers.

All other things are left to Mirraw; designers and artists can now just take a break and focus on designing stuff while Mirraw will do the rest. Designers also have  the freedom to provide a small write up about their product which is published on the website along with their product

MirrawMirraw greets the customers with a very neatly managed market. The products are categorized based on the type, designers, etc. Apparels are further classified by cloth type. Customers can browse through all the products. Offers regarding all the products are shown in a tab to the left.

The website also display the estimated delivery date of each and every product on the product page and also provide chat support for customers. Above all, Mirraw has a 7 days return policy along with 100% money back guarantee. They also provide 24×7 customer support through either chat or phone,

One of the most important aspects of Mirraw is the way it gather information from customers. It provides user games like This or That ( in which user has to select out of the two products shown to him. The websites personalizes the recommendations based on the choices made by the user in this game. Another such game is Quiz ( In this game Mirraw poses you questions like “Which product would suit your friend X?” In this way the website also collects recommendations and alerts your friends. Another interesting feature is the Live Feed. The Feed show all the new items that the designers have added right now.

Based on all these games and the favorites added by the user, Mirraw also send alerts to the designers. These alerts help the designers to improve the products which are more liked by the customers. Moreover, by providing worldwide delivery options, Mirraw helps the designers widen the reach of their products.

So head on to Mirraw to explore the stuff made by a bunch of budding designers. Or else, if you are a designer go ahead and get yourself a boutique on Mirraw. Its feature will help you focus on designing, and give you an opportunity to widen your reach and showcase your designs worldwide.

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