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Million-Plus Asus Laptops Hacked – Top Trending Stories

Here are today’s Top 5 News & Events from Around the World. Take a look!


Million-Plus Asus Laptops Hacked, You Too Could Be Affected

Image Credits: Flickr Bartłomiej Kurpiewski

According to researchers, Asus’ laptops and PC builds have been affected by hackers through its own update servers. Hackers allegedly used fake code certificates to have the authorisation for infecting the update with their own code that leads to the hacking of devices. It’s estimated that over a million Asus, unsuspecting, users are now affected due to this unknown attack. The motherboard was the first to report this incidence. The internet virus software provider, Kaspersky was the first to find this malicious software. No one till knows exactly what this virus is capable or is meant to do.



Xiaomi’s Superfast Charger Claim – Charge 4000mAh Battery in Just 17 min

Image Credits: Unsplash rawpixel

Xiaomi has claimed that its new superfast charger can charge your mobile 4000mAh battery under 17 min. The charger is a 100W mobile charger that will beat the previous supercharger with a 55W capacity from OPPO. The company is yet to launch the charger in the market. Apart from bigger players, there are other smaller charger manufacturers that are trying to achieve the same milestone. The technology behind such chargers isn’t silicon based but use graphene instead.



IMF Chief Also Wants Higher Tax Rates for Big Tech Firms

Image Credits: Flickr IMF

IMF Chief Christine Lagarde wants high tax rates for big tech firms. She said this during her speech in Washington. She said that the present corporation tax laws aren’t enough to tax firms such as Google, Amazon, and Facebook. Lagarde pointed towards the failure of the present tax system to address this issue. A report by IMF itself says the same.



Robots are Changing Our Habits, Interesting Effects of Delivery Robots

Image Credits: Starship Technologies Facebook page
Recently some 25 delivery robots were introduced at George Mason Unversity. It was all fun at the beginning and later it became a part of the daily lives of students.  However, the data from these delivery robots are showing up some interesting facts. For example, before the advent of delivery robots, students were skipping their breakfasts. This number was as high as 88%. After the robots took over the delivery process, an increasing number of university residents are ordering their breakfasts, thus showing a difference in habits. It seems robots deserve much credit for such positive change in behaviours of the students. The insight was provided by the delivery robot startup the Starship Technologies.


China Is Cloning Its Best Performing Police Dogs for Faster Induction, Ethical or Not

Image Credits: China Daily
China in a bid to reduce time and resources when it comes to training police dogs is cloning the best performing dog. The experiment is already done and the first cloned pup is undergoing training at Yunnan Agricultural University and Beijing Sinogene Biotechnology. The plan according to Chinese scientists is to mass produce these cloned dogs in next 10 years or so. Cloning animals is still an ethical conundrum but producing them in mass numbers is unimaginable for many. But as far as China is concerned it will take place whether it’s ethical or not. As reported by China Daily.
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