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Microsoft Visio 2010

Microsoft visio 2010, full feature description about the application and download

Every single Microsoft Office application has its own set of utilities to serve a particular set of audiences. This time around, we will explain another critical Office application that serves as a great utility for a large number of professionals in all sorts of businesses, helping them build a spectrum of things, from a network design to a flow chart, from a dynamic business process to a data driven diagram and the list goes on and on.

Without much ado, let’s get down to the deliverables of Visio 2010, the latest Visio from Microsoft

1. Simplified diagramming tools and Intuitive UI: With Visio 2010, you are sure to save a lot of time as the UI has been simplified to get the new users get along with the tools lot faster than before. With Ribbon UI in place, the features are easily accessible from the front panel itself and the bundling of features is done in such a manner that you will hardly need to explore some feature with Visio 2010.

2. Align shapes quickly and easily: Add and align shapes accurately with features such as the Quick Shapes Mini Toolbar, automatic layout adjustment, enhanced dynamic grid and page Auto Size. Break large and complex diagrams using Subprocesses and containers to group related shapes visually and logically.

A subprocess is nothing but a mini-diagram on a different page that links to a Subprocess shape in a larger, bigger diagram. This is to break complex processes in several diagrams of lesser complexity and more manageable sections. Containers are meant to organize several sets of shapes and identify the relationship between the shapes.

3. Rich gallery of shapes and visuals: With Visio 2010, you can add a glitter to your diagrams and make it more appealing and professional-looking with no added efforts on your shoulder. Visio 2010 comes with a rich gallery of themes, modern shapes and visuals and that’s not all. You can preview everything live to see things in effect.

4. Cross-verify against established business rules and logics: With Visio 2010, you can verify your diagrams against standard business rules followed within your company and logics defined. This will add a lot of accuracy and save time which otherwise gets wasted in trouble-shooting at some later stage.

5. Ability to connect your diagram with data sources: With Visio 2010, you can connect your diagrams with any OLEDB (Object Linking and Embedding Database) or ODBC (Open Database Connectivity) data source such as Microsoft Excel, Microsoft Access, SharePoint Foundation etc. using Data Selector and similar options within Visio 2010.

6. Share interactive, refreshable, data-linked diagrams with others via their Web browsers: With Visio 2010, sharing your dynamic, data-linked diagrams with your workgroup or your clients is far easier than before. You can share your diagrams and data visuals over a web browser and any changes you make to your hosted file will be immediately reflected for anyone viewing the file.

7. With Visio 2010, you can display real-time data embedded within the shapes of your visual diagram, using all possible graphics such as color, icons, symbols, and data bars.

8. Visio 2010 helps you keep the linked data in your diagrams always updated without any additional effort using a feature called Automatic Refresh. You can refresh data automatically at by defining a specific time interval, or refresh it manually at any time with a click of a button.

Editions of Visio 2010

There are three available editions of Visio 2010 and the better edition comes with more professional features added to it. Choose the one you think would suit the best to your professional needs.

  • Microsoft Visio Standard 2010
  • Microsoft Visio Professional 2010
  • Microsoft Visio Premium 2010

Other major versions of Office 2010

Microsoft Office 2010 has got the primary Office applications too, which are one of the main reasons why end users buy Offfice productivity suite. The primary Office 2010 applications are as follows:

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