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Microsoft Scraping Retail Version of Windows 8

Microsoft Scraping Retail Version of Windows 8 and instead will be offering only the simplified upgrade from previous versions.

It is rumored that Microsoft is planning to kill the full retail version of the latest Windows 8 and instead will be offering only the simplified upgrade from previous versions or System Builder version for home users.

Up till now whenever we wanted to install a fresh copy of Windows on our devices, we had the options to either buy an expensive copy of the Boxed Edition of the software, or we could go for the relatively economical OEM System Builder version. OEM System Builder version is generally meant for the retailers to be sold with a hardware piece, though many of them also offer them as a standalone purchase as well.

The advantage of a boxed copy was that after activation it allows the user an option of product support through e-mail or via phone for 90 days. This option is missing in the OEM System Builder version of the Windows.

Microsoft says that this method will help them is better licensing of Windows 8 and will offer a better availability to the consumers through the web and the authentic retail stores. Microsoft also adds that it will also prevent piracy to an extent.

A Microsoft representative told that the Mac users will have to use the System Builders version to install Windows 8 on their Mac PC. This version will be available sometime this month, as told by him, thorugh which the users will be able to try the Release Preview. Microsoft will also launch Windows 8 Pro Upgrade for its existing consumers with Windows XP, Windows Vista or Windows 7 existing earlier on their devices. The upgrade is told to be priced about $ 39.99 and will be available very soon.

Believing the rumors, the Upgrade to Windows 8 Pro and the OEM System Builder version of Windows 8 will be seen on the shelves by the late October. Microsoft has put a lot of effort in developing this version of Windows, making it compatible on various platforms including PC as well as tablets. So it would want to sell maximum copies utilizing the new marketing policy adopted by it. The System Builders version of Windows 8 will be priced similar to the OEM versions of Windows 7 attracting as many customers as possible.

Though the news of scrapping the full retail version of Windows 8 was a bit shocking to most of the users but, if the price of the System Builders version is kept economical and if this version is allowed to be sold as a standalone product, the consumers need not worry at all. This will help both the consumers and Microsoft to use and sell authentic and licensed copies of Windows 8 on their systems which will put a stop on piracy and benefit both of them.

In the meantime, we can only hope that the final release of Microsoft Windows 8 is scheduled soon and the prices are kept light on the consumer’s pocket. 

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