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Microsoft Powerpoint 2010

Microsoft Powerpoint 2010 is one such Microsoft Office 2010 application that has been given a special priority in the 2010 version of Office release. And its justification comes from the whole bunch of features that have been populated into Powerpoint 2010.

There has been some fabulous additions to Powerpoint 2007 in this version, that makes Microsoft Powerpoint 2010, a great tool for creating presentations, slideshows, reports and whole lot of things.

Some of the major features of Microsoft Office 2010 have been illustrated below :

Photo Editing in Microsoft PowerPoint 2010

This feature enables the users to crop the embedded photos within Powerpoint 2010 itself and do some other basic photo editing customizations. Although, the editing features are quite basic, it relieves you from opening Photoshop every now and then and hassle of importing the image repeatedly after small edits.

Video Editing in Microsoft PowerPoint 2010

This feature is similar to Photo editing feature but works for videos. You can crop the length of the video and make it start-stop as per your custom requirements. Video editing feature is basic when compared to capabilities of advanced video editors but this is for the very first time that video editing features have been included, right within PowerPoint 2010 so in future versions of Office 2010, these features are only going to get  better and better.

PowerPoint Mobile 2010 for Windows Phone 7 [Part of Office Mobile 2010]

Mobile Office 2010, which is all exclusive to Windows Phone OS powered smartphones comes along with PowerPoint Mobile 2010, which allows creating, editing and saving of powerpoint presentations over the phone, with real-time syncing and high-fidelity document rendering on the windows phones.

Create and manage PowerPoint 2010 presentations, while collaborating with other people over the internet

With Microsoft Powerpoint 2010, you get the ability to work online collaboratively on a single powerpoint presentation with your colleague, friend or anyone who wants to collaborate with you. Web based version and collaboration (using Sharepoint 2010) is one of the major highlights of 2010 version of Microsoft Office 2010.

There’s no need to pass presentations back and forth among your colleagues as you can simply work at the same time over the same presentation, without any person being locked out at any moment or waiting for the other person to finish editing. Real-time editing is very much possible in Microsoft PowerPoint 2010

Merge and Compare presentations

Now, if multiple people are working over the same presentation then you can compare the differences between the different versions of the presentations and if required, then merge the two different versions too.

This feature helps you save time while making side-by-side comparisons of two similar presentations to spot any differences.

Advanced Transition effects, exclusive to Microsoft PowerPoint 2010

With DirectX integration in Microsoft Powerpoint 2010, the graphics and animation effects of Powerpoint 2010 have gone through great transformation.

Here is the list of other features added to Microsoft Powerpoint 2010

  • Completely Hardware-accelerated rendering engine
  • Plenty of newly introduced transition and animation effects along with a well finished UI
  • Revamped graphic effects (both 2D and 3D)
  • New Animation Painter, which lets you copy animations between various objects
  • Animation choreography with multimedia
  • Work with several powerpoint presentations simultaneously over a single computer screen, side-by-side as the limitation of one presentation in the main window of Powerpoint is no more in Microsoft PowerPoint 2010.
  • Ability to turn your mouse into a Laser pointer. This is especially useful when you’re giving a boardroom presentation and you want to emphasize on certain points while explaining the presentation. For settings to enable this feature, look up ‘help’ section in Microsoft PowerPoint 2010.

To sneak into the feature-pack that’s coming along with Microsoft Powerpoint 2010, you can take a look at a Microsoft Powerpoint 2010 video (embedded below).

Keep checking in for more Microsoft PowerPoint 2010 updates…

Important Update: In case, you have not yet updated your Office 2010 software with latest service packs, here is the link for


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