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Microsoft Plans to Drop MS Paint with its Windows 10 Creators Update

MS Paint, an iconic drawing tool from Microsoft, is going to be removed from its list of software in Windows 10. A recent statement issued by the tech major confirms that the upcoming Windows 10 Creators Update might remove Microsoft paint and included in its deprecated features list. If the firm removes MS Paint, then it is the end of an era of 32 years. It was considered to be one of the most useful and exciting tools a few decades back.

The list released by Microsoft includes both “removed and deprecated tools and features” for the future updates and versions. Interestingly, the firm listed MS Paint sixth on the list. The company stated that it wants to give the customers to consider the removals and execute their own planning. It also confirmed that the list might see some changes in future, and the firm would not remove all the deprecated features or functionalities.

Another important feature that is listed to be removed with the update is 3D Builder app. The feature will not be available as pre-installed in the upcoming versions. However, people can download the app from the Windows Store. Microsoft suggests the users consider Paint 3D and Print 3D instead of 3D Builder app. The list of “removing features” also includes Reading List, Outlook Express, and Reader app. Microsoft confirmed that it would integrate both Reading List and Reader app with Microsoft Edge.

Microsoft has already confirmed the introduction of a new 3D paint with its Windows 10 Creators Update, released in the month of April. Though the app is a replacement to MS Paint, the app is quite different from its predecessor with its functionalities. It comes with some 3D image generating tools and 2D image editing features. The firm confirms that the app has a hybrid ribbon-sidebar interface. It offers a combined 2D-3D editing experience along with the support for various 3D objects.

The tech major is also planning drop the System Image Backup (SIB) functionality. It suggests people make use of full-disk backup solutions offered by other service providers. The firm also removes Syskey.exe, the encryption system for hashed password as the company feels that it is a nonsecure security feature. The firm also suggested the users go with BitLocker in its place. Also, Microsoft would remove Trusted Platform Module (TPM) legacy code and Tile Data Layer. The firm confirmed that the Tile Store replaces the Tile Data Layer.

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