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How to Reset Forgotten Windows 10 Login Password?

How to get back into Admin account after you’ve locked out of your computer? Have a PC you haven’t used in a while and now you can’t remember the login password?  Here We are going to show you the simplest methods to reset forgotten Windows 10 login password in minutes.


Method 1: Using Password-Reset Disk


A password reset disk can make it super easy to reset your forgotten password to regain access to Windows 10. If you created password reset disk when you set up your PC, it’s time to use it. Once you’ve entered a wrong password on Windows 10 login screen, you’ll notice a special link labelled “Reset password“, located under the password box.

Click the “Reset password” link and the Password Reset Wizard will appear. Insert your password-reset disk and you can follow the wizard to set a new password for your Windows 10 account. When it’s done, you can go back to the login screen and sign in with your new password.

Method 2: Reset Forgotten Microsoft Account Password in Windows 10

A Microsoft account is set up using an email address (Windows Live ID, Hotmail or Microsoft is pushing users to log into Windows 10 with Microsoft account. If you forgot Windows 10 Microsoft account password, you can reset your password online.

Use any device connected to the Internet to open the Microsoft password reset page: There you’ll find three choices, just select the first option labeled” I forgot my password” and then click Next.

On Recover your account page, enter your Microsoft account ID (email address), and shown characters (also known as captcha). Click Next.

Now you need to receive a one-time security code for verifying your online identity. Enter either the alternative email address or a phone number that is tied to your Microsoft account. Click Send code.

Enter the security code you’ve received and then click Next. In the next screen, enter the new password you’d like to use for your Microsoft account.

 Assuming all was successful, you can then log back into your Windows 10 with a new Microsoft account password.

What if you’re still unable to recover your Microsoft account? Go ahead and you can take use of PCUnlocker to switch your Microsoft account back to local user offline.

Method 3: Reset Windows 10 Login Password with PCUnlocker


PCUnlocker is one of the easiest Windows password reset tools that can bypass, change and reset your forgotten Windows 10 password quickly. Here we’ll walk you through the easy steps to reset Windows 10 login password associated with your local/Microsoft account.

Before getting started, you need to find or borrow a working computer and use it to make a PCUnlocker boot CD (or USB drive). Download the PCUnlocker program (in .zip archive) and save it to your desktop. Unzip it and you’ll get the ISO file that needs to burn to a CD or USB drive. If you don’t have a CD/USB burning software, you can use ISO2Disc, ImgBurn or Rufus.

Once you’ve created a PCUnlocker boot CD drive, insert it into your Windows 10 computer that you want to reset forgotten password for. Turn on the computer and set it to boot from CD/DVD-ROM, other than hard drive.

After booting to the PCUnlocker screen, you can see all local accounts that were found on your Windows 10 installation. If your local account was tied to a Microsoft account by Windows 10, you can see your email address shown under the “Description” column.

Select your local account and click the Reset Password button to reset your password. If you’re locked out of Windows 10 Microsoft account, just select the local account that was tied to your email address, and click on Reset Password. The program will automatically convert the linked Microsoft account back to local account.

After password reset, reboot your computer and reject the CD. You can log into your Windows 10 without a password! Enjoy!

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