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Microsoft Edge is updating its browser with kids mode feature – Top Tech News

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Microsoft Edge is updating its browser with kids mode feature

Microsoft Edge Logo

Microsoft has started testing kids mode feature on its edge browser that will bring features that are customized for kids safety while browsing the internet. Although the feature is not widely available but wlll be made available to dev channel pretty soon. Currently, the kids mode feature is available in Microsoft’s Canary test channel. This mode is also in-built with Bing SafeSearch, which along with other things will keep kids safe from adult sites…


Report claims Elon Musk’s SpaceX has raised $850 Mn for future space missions

According to CNBC, Elon Musk’s SpaceX has raised whopping $850 Mn to fund its ambitious space projects. The new funding has reportedly valued the space startup at around $74 Bn. The new funding will help the Elon Musk’s company to pursue with its ambitious projects, most of which are not expected to earn any major profit, at least, in the short term.


Reddit publishes 2020 transparency report

Reddit has published its transparency report for 2020 and as expected the report has brought forth censorship issues as well as issues of spam problems. Reddit claimed in its report that government’s and other legal requests to take down content were very few in numbers. However, spam proved to be a major headache as nearly 97% of the content taken down were spam content.


European watch dog gags TikTok over privacy issues

TikTok has been hit with barrage of complaints from Europe’s protection watch dog, with the latter claiming that TikTok’s privacy policies are ambiguous and blatantly violates data privacy. The Chinese social media app has also been accused of promoting harmful content among kids.


Tata has almost acquired BigBasket…

A big elephant is about to enter India’s burgeoning online grocery market, with reports claiming that the Tata Group has reached an agreement to buy 60% stake in BigBasket. Reports further claim that the deal has valued the Bengaluru based startup at nearly $2Bn and will also give its largest stakeholder Alibaba a complete exit.

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