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Weather plays Spoilsport in SpaceX’s Historic Launch – Top Trending news


Weather plays Spoilsport in SpaceX’s Historic Launch

Image Source: Flickr

NASA and SpaceX were preparing for a landmark moment on Wednesday in what would have been the first flight of US astronauts into the space from American soil in almost a decade. But just as astronauts Doug Hurley and Bob Behnken were bracing for a launch through SpaceX spacecraft, bad weather played the spoilsport.  The operation was halted just 16 minutes and 54 seconds before the launch. Now NASA and SpaceX will take a second shot at making history on coming Saturday.


Twitter defends embattled employee…as Trump’s Twitter fiasco blows up


Until yesterday Yoel Roth was just another employee at Twitter but during last few hours Roth was attracting unprecedented attention from American press. That’s because White House claims that Roth was solely responsible for adding fact check label to Trump’s tweets under the pretext that they propagated false information. However, the micro blogging giant is in no mood to bow down in front of White House as it came out in full defense of its embattled employee. Twitter said that no one person is “responsible for our policies.”


Nope….Facebook & Twitter are not biased against Conservatives…Court rules in favor of social media companies..

Image Source: Flickr

        On the same day U.S. President Donald Trump threatened to regulate and shut down social media companies, Facebook, Twitter & other big tech companies have scored a big win in a legal battle. This after a appeals court in Washington DC dismissed a lawsuit accusing big tech companies of suppressing the voices of political parties and leaders belonging to conservative ideology. The lawsuit was filed by well-known right wing leader Laura Loomer.


Tencent raises fresh capital and it is really a big amount

Image Credits: Flickr Kevin San

$6 Bn…this is how much Chinese technology company Tencent has raised via debt. This is the biggest debt deal by an Asian company this year. In a first, the Chinese technology has also raised 40 year old debt for the first time in its history.


Uber is scrapping thousands of electric bikes

Bikeshare museum

Uber is sending tens of thousands of electric bikes to scrap. These electric bikes have all but turned obsolete after ride-hailing giant offloaded its electric bike business to Lime earlier this month. Apparently, Uber had spent millions of dollars for buying this bike but in hindsight this business decision has proved to be a bad one. Of course, this is just one of the many bad decisions that the ride-hailing giant has made over the years.

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