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Meet the Global Online Marketplace:

Online marketing is very much in vogue, and it is rising day by day. People are no longer looking at local shops but are checking out the plethora of websites to get the best product with the most reasonable price tag. This has benefitted a large number of sellers who can sell their products without setting up a brick and mortar shop. is a global online marketplace that is a perfect platform for the crafters and small companies who look forward to getting buyers without paying fees or commission.


Let us see why more and more crafters are joining ezebee for selling their handmade products.First of all, we will checkout a little bit of information about

About is the brainchild of Ossian Vogal and Frank de Vries, who in 2012 founded this great online marketplace when the world was facing the economic crunch. The idea of establishing this shopping place was to give sellers a platform that is free of cost and is accessible throughout the world.

How can Sellers Use it

Anyone can sell their products or services on ezebee no matters you are a brand or small company, freelancer or an individual. People living in US, Asia, Africa or Europe can use this platform and can showcase their products to the vast international community worldwide. Here are the features of using it-


Create a Free Website

If you do not own a website for selling then on ezebee you can make a free website in just 5 minutes.

Open an Online Shop

If you ever dreamt of having your own online shop for promoting your products, then ezebee will make your dream come true. With easy steps and instructions, your online store will be launched which is ready to meet all the global customers. You will not be charged any commission or fees. Moreover, the ratings you receive will help you get more sales as you become a genuine seller.


Get the Widget for Facebook/Blogs

You will also get the ezebee widget that you can put on your Facebook page or blogs to promote and sell your products. Social media is the best place now for drawing theattention of the large audience.

Post in Classified

ezebee classified ads are for the individual sellers who do not want to open an online shop. They can post their ads in the ezebee Classified section and reach the potential buyers.

There are 30 categories in which the sellers can sell things and some of the popular categories include handmade products, gift items, fashion items, bags, crafts, services, beauty, accessories, etc.

Advantage of Using Currency

EZBs (ezebees) is the swapping currency of ezebee that can be swapped internally for doing international business. No exchange rate or transaction fee is associated with EZBs and if using EZBs, then the entire profit goes to sellers.Sellers can also earn EZB by being active in the community of ezebee.

The value of 1EZB is I USD and you can also use it for upgrading your showroom. You can get your showroom featured on the ezebee home page after paying 5EZBs. With 1EZB, your product can be placed on the top list in the category you have selected.


Many creative people have the talent of making creative items, but they lack in money, time or knowledge to make a website or open an online shop. ezebee is a boon for those sellers as it provides the coolest way to market their products on its global online platform. Feel like signing up ? Go ahead!

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