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MedGadget Review

Here is the MedGadget review. It talks about various sectors, from ‘Business of medicine’ to ‘Surgery’ to many other sub-field.

What’s that

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Are you a voracious Techblog reader and have a lot of interest in getting to know about the latest gadgets. If yes, then it’s time to add a flavor to your usual appetite.

Visit It is an independent online journal which features upcoming medical tools, gadgets and technologies. For those, specifically looking for latest medical trends and innovations, MedGadget subscription is a must.

MedGadget Editorial Team, lead by Michael Ostrovsky, M.D. (SF, CA) keeps itself pre-occupied in generating quality information from the medical field on a regular basis.

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Sample content

What it offers…

  • A way to get the refreshed news and technologies emerging out of the medical field

Why it can be THE NEXT BIG THING !

  • Sharp Focus –,being an online medical journal deals with a not-so-common category on WWW.This gives it a straight edge to establish itself as the table-turner in the field of Medical Technology
  • Quality Content – In general, for a long term success of an internet journal, most importantly, it requires a consistent delivery of quality information. For,this aspect is given its due respect
  • Wide coverage – MedGadget covers around 60 different categories within the medical field. It talks about various sectors, from ‘Business of medicine’ to ‘Surgery’ to many other sub-fields. This is not only an appreciable work but a rare one too

Why it may prove to be a web struggler

  • Niche Market – As a business proposition, MedGadget may not turn out to be a Million-dollar-Baby as it tackles a narrow sector. Global audience for the medical technology journal is way too low in comparison to other hot sectors on the web.
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