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McDonald’s To Sell Plant-Based Meat Burgers?- Top Trending Stories

Here are today’s Top 5 News & Events from Around the World. Take a look!


McDonald’s To Sell Plant-Based Meat Burgers?

Image Credits: Flickr Frédéric BISSON

After the viral success of plant-based meat experiment by KFC, MacDonald’s is hoping to replicate the same success with its own version of plant-based burgers. It will start offering this new item in Canada from 30th September. Link.



DoorDash Spills 4.9 Million Customer Data Into The Hands Of Hackers

Image Credits: Flickr Doug Smith

The food delivery firm, DoorDash has exposed customer data and realised it only this month that customer data was in the open since the month of May. If you’re a customer of this company then change your password right now. Link.



2020 iPhone Prototype Shows Notch Free Design

Image Credit: Ben Jeskin

The 2020 iPhone prototype, according to reports, will sport a notch-free design. The upcoming iPhone will sport a metal plate running throughout the screen, which will house the camera and other sensors. Link.



Jeff Bezos Says Amazon Working On Facial Recognition Regulations

Image Credit: Flickr Goodread Bio

Facial recognition from Amazon has come under fire for inaccurate service and questionable AI abilities. The recent scandals have put Amazon’s compute capabilities in the dock too. Amidst all this, Amazon CEO, Jeff Bezos has said that the company is planning for regulations for its facial recognition tech. Link.



ByteDance To Sell Its Overseas News App?

Image Credit: Flickr Block Inspect

China’s ByteDance which also owns the TikTok app has decided to sell its overseas news app TopBuzz, according to reports. People privy to the information have said that the company is in talks with several overseas firms, including US media firms as well. Link.


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