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Mass Sale of Cloned Cats – Top Trending Stories

Here are today’s Top 5 News & Events from Around the World. Take a look!


Mass Sale of Cloned Cats, At $35000 You Can Take One Home Soon

kitten held in hand
Image Credits: Flickr Ira&Andrew

A Chinese company, Sinogene is planning to sell cloned cats to the general public after the successful test of a first cloned cat. The target market is the pet owners who have lost their pet recently. The announcement was made by the scientist at the company after the first cloned cat was born a month earlier, named Garlic. According to the initial results, the cat that was cloned doesn’t have the same temperament or personality of the cat from which the cells were taken for cloning. So if you plan to get yourself a cloned cat, don’t expect to receive the same replica. Link.



Walmart Suing Tesla Over Burning Solar Equipment

Front of Wallmart store
Image Credits: Flickr James Cohen

Walmart has sued Tesla over burning solar systems. The retail giant has asked the court to order the removal of these solar panels from 240 of its stores across the United States. Tesla has made no comment on this development so far. Link.



Internet’s Oldest Running Webcam Is Closing Down

Fogcam images
Image Credits: techspot

After operating for roughly 25 years, the worlds oldest running webcam is finally shutting down. Popularly known as Fogcam was installed in 1994 by Jeff Schwartz and Dan Wong at San Francisco State University. Link.



Facebook’s New Tool Will Empower Users On Sharing Data With Outside Apps

Facebook new feature
Image Credits: Facebook

Facebook has updated its privacy feature on the platform. From now on a user will have much greater control on the data shared with the outside apps. Link.



Apple Card for All in US, Sign Up Now

Apple card app gif
Image Credits: Apple

Apple card is now available for all in the US who have compatible iPhone handsets. Over the last couple of weeks, the Apple card was invite-only. The Apple card has no annual fee and plenty of benefits that can entice anyone with an iPhone. The interest rates are also low when compared to others in the personal finance industry. Link.


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