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Mark Zuckerberg’s security costed $23Mn for Facebook Last Year – Top Tech News

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Mark Zuckerberg’s security costed $23Mn for Facebook Last Year

Facebook had to  shell out whopping $23Mn for the security of its founder and CEO Mar  Zuckerberg. This disclosure was made in company’s recent filings with Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC). The social media giant has argued in its filing that Zuckerberg is the face of Facebook and his security therefore becomes critical especially in the wake of negative perception against the platform. Last year, Facebook faced lot of flaks for its apparent bias towards right-wing supporters and thereby lending outward support ex-president Donald Trump.


Amazon throttles Workers Union Push in Alabama   

In a big win for Amazon, the e-commerce giant has managed to throttle the attempts to unionize Alabama warehouse center. This after the company management scored a decisive victory in the unit-wide election, with the majority of workers voting against the move to form a worker union. According to reports, only 738 workers voted in favor while 1.798 workers voting against the proposal to form a workers union.  Till date Amazon has never allowed the formation of worker union in its company and victory in Alabama was important for continuing this precedence.


China levies $2.2 Bn Financial Penalty on Alibaba

China’s e-commerce behemoth Alibaba has been hit by a whopping $2.2 Bn fine for its ant-trust activities. Action against Alibaba has come barely months after China aggressively launched anti-trust investigation against Jack Ma’s financial empire Alipay. According to reports, Ma has been locked in a cold war battle against the Chinese government, after China’s richest man fell out with President Xi Jinping.


Google is still isn’t giving up on the smartphone market, denies Pixel 5a 5G cancellation

Google has categorically denied the rumors that it is canceling the launch of Pixel 5a 5G smartphone this year due to chip shortage. Unconfirmed reports of Pixel 5a 5G smartphone cancelation have been swirling during the past few days, with many seeing it as an apparent sign of Google’s attempt to make an unceremonious exit from the smartphone market. Critics and industry experts have been arguing that Google’s Pixel phones have failed to make a dent in the smartphone market that is still dominated by the likes of Apple and Samsung.

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