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Zuckerberg says He isn’t ‘Going Anywhere’ amid calls for his Resignation

An embattled Mark Zuckerberg appeared on CNN on Tuesday evening for an exclusive interview as he desperately tried to stem off the rumors about his resignation. Zuckerberg without mincing any word categorically said that his resignation is certainly not on the cards.

“I’m not going to be doing this forever, but I’m not currently thinking that makes sense,” Zuckerberg said in the interview.

Zuckerberg refuses to step down amid calls for his resignation.

Rumors about Zuckerberg’s resignation triggered off following New York Times report that claimed Facebook’s investors weren’t too happy about Zuckerberg and COO Sheryl Sandberg. The report made a sensational claimed that investors were angry how both ignored the warning signals surrounding Cambridge Analytica scandal and Russia’s interference in the U.S. election.

Sandberg got dragged into the ongoing controversy after Wall Street Journal reported last week that Zuckerberg considered Sandberg and her team mainly responsible for all the recent scandals plaguing the social networking giant.

However, during the CNN interview Facebook co-founder not only defended but also showered lot off praises on her colleague. “Sheryl is a really important part of this company, and is leading a lot of the efforts to address… the biggest issues that we have,” Zuckerberg stated.

Facebook Chairman said that she has been an important partner for him for over 10 years and he is really proud of her contribution.

Meanwhile, analysts have claimed that it would be almost impossible for investors to sack the Facebook Chairman. This is because Zuckerberg has a voting right over the board, which means he will have to step down voluntarily.

The last high profile person from the tech world to face similar resignation pressure was Uber’s ex-CEO and co-founder Travis Kalanick. Kalanick eventually had to give into the investor’s pressure. However, unlike Uber’s ex-CEO, Zuckerberg seems to be in a better position to decide his destiny.

This is owing to the fact that Zuckerberg almost enjoys a veto over his board and also things at Facbeook are still aren’t that bad and as scandalous as they were in Uber.

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