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Manny Pacquiao Launching Cryptocurrency – Top Trending Stories

Here are today’s Top 5 News & Events from Around the World. Take a look!


Manny Pacquiao Launching Cryptocurrency, Will It Succeed?

Manny Pacquiao Launching Cryptocurrency

Digital currencies, it seems, are no longer in the control of the governments. Just about anyone can now launch their own version of digital currencies such as bitcoin. The boxing sensation, Manny Pacuiao is launching his own version of cryptocurrency. The boxer is hoping to get traction on his cryptocurrency due to his fame. Launching a cryptocurrency is one thing but if it has to succeed then a lot of work goes into it. Cryptocurrency is decentralised and hence doesn’t require government approval and just about anyone can launch their own version of it. Will you be the next? Link.



AMD Gaining Ground Against Intel?

Ryzen 3000 series

AMD is gaining ground against Intel in the PC market. From the latest German hardware sales report the indications are clear. Buyers are preferring AMD in place of Intel. Germany has predominantly been AMD favouring nation, but the trend is also changing in the US. With the release of 3000 series from AMD, the long term purchasers have turned their back on Intel. In the top 25 selling CPUs in the US, only the top 9 were from Intel. If AMD produces this result consistently then the future is bright for it with a larger share in the market. Perhaps Intel’s superiority is under threat. Link.



Scientists Have Found A Way To Grow Back Your Tooth Enamel

Growing back tooth enamel
Image Credit: Zhejiang University

Doctors warn you against certain foods and drinks for a reason, its all about your tooth enamel. The problem with tooth enamel is that they don’t grow back. Once gone, gone forever. But now scientists have found a way to grow them back. The process involves growing calcium phosphate which is the main component of tooth enamel. Once the clinical trials are successful, the dentists might start using it in future. Link.



Noise Radar Testing in Paris, Don’t Rev That Engine!

Noise radars in action
Image Credits: Reuters Charles Platiau

Paris is testing a noise radar system that will fine loud cars. So the owners of loud cars beware! The new device will automatically detect loud cars and will generate tickets as well. There are 40 such devices in place in Paris. Most of them are near bars, rest near prominent buildings. The owners of expensive, rev-happy cars would now need to put some breaks and stay away from showing-off their supercars. Link.



Amazon Boxes To Anime Weapons

Image Credit: techblog

An anime fan has converted Amazon delivery boxes into weapons. The size and look are so amazing that you need to check them out. If you’re a prime Amazon user, better store your delivery boxes and make use of it in some way or the other. Take inspiration from this user who has turned his anime passion into an art with the help of his Amazon delivery boxes stored over the years. Link.


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