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Man Discovers 30 Year Old Working Apple Computer in the Attic – Top Trending Stories

Here are today’s Top 5 News & Events from Around the World. Take a look!


Man Discovers 30 Year Old Working Apple Computer in the Attic

Image Credits: Twitter John Pfaff

A Twitter user posted pictures of a 30-year-old Apple computer that he found in his attic, in a working condition. The man was able to play 30-year-old games stored in the floppy discs. The Apple computer despite not been in use for the past 30 years worked flawlessly, according to the user. This particular model of Apple computer was launched in 1983 and was discontinued in 1993.



Mark Zuckerberg Termed ‘Duplicitous,’ UK Parliament’s Sweeping Regulation Likely

Image Credits: Flickr BipHoo Company

Facebook’s document dump is going to bite it back pretty hard. According to The Guardian, the UK parliament is under pressure from the privacy rights group to heavily control Facebook’s activities in the country. The committee under the UK parliament involved in investigating Facebook revealed that Facebook’s CEO has been ‘duplicitous’ and non-cooperating in the investigation process. The report will be tabled on 18th Feb and the main contention is that Facebook isn’t going to regulate its data ethically and needs someone to oversee it.



LG not too Keen on Foldable Phones, What’s Stopping It?

Image Credits: Flickr admin sahin

Smartphone sales are down all across the world and the mobile makers are finding ways to increase sales. For example, Nokia last year had showcased a phone that looks like a banana. But according to LG such technologies are still in its early stages and its demand is also unpredictable. So, will the smartphone sales continue to fall in the near term? Or do companies really need to up the game in the industry?



Are You Using Voice Assistant Devices? Be Careful of Hackers, Report

Image Credits: Flickr Adam Bowie

According to researchers in several countries, your voice assistance devices aren’t safe from a hacker attack. Even a powerful password and a two-factor authentication security feature will not be able to protect you against a stealthier hacker attack. Several recent cases of unknown users taking over the control on devices such as Alexa has warned on Hacker attack that could be much more serious. The crux of the matter is that the humans can hear within a certain range and these devices can listen to sounds beyond these ranges and hence become vulnerable to attack.  Researchers suggest that companies should restrict the ability of these devices to listen beyond human limits and thus keep safe from hackers.



Tesla has a Competitor and It has 70,000 Pre-Orders!

Image Credits: Electra Meccanica Facebook

A Canadian electric car maker might transform the commuter car sector. The three-wheeler, $15,500 electric car from Electra Meccanica called Solo already has a pre-order of more than 70,000 in the US. This means that the company before the launch will make $2.4 billion. If the trend continues then this car will change the commuter car industry forever. And could Tesla catch up to such a cheaply build electric car? We would need to wait and watch.


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