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Malware Attack on Major US Newspapers – Top Trending Stories

Here are today’s Top 5 News & Events from Around the World. Take a look!


Malware Attack on Major US Newspapers

A cyber attack has crippled some of the major US newspapers among them are The Los Angeles Times, San Diego Union-Tribune and other Tribune-owned publications. The cyber attack wasn’t perpetrated to steal the customer credit card details. According to the latest reports, the attack was to disrupt the production of the newspaper.



Android Apps are Sending User Data to Facebook Without Consent

The moment you open up some of the most famous Andriod apps, your data is sent to Facebook without your consent, report. Out of 34 apps under observation, 20 are sending data directly to Facebook, according to a report by Privacy International. If this latest report is true, Facebook again in under scrutiny for destroying its trust with its users and violating the EU internet norms.



Austria Planning Tech Tax, Will Not Wait for EU Decision

Facebook CEO picture
Image Credits: Flickr Alessio Jacona

Austrian Chancellor Sebastian Kruz has announced tax for tech giants such as Google and Apple.  The details for which will soon come out by Jan. The latest effort to tax tech giants is a part of broader tax reform for the country by 2020. Austria’s tax planning is an indication that many EU countries aren’t going to wait till a common tech tax is sketched out for the whole European Union countries. According to an estimate, companies such as Google use the loopholes in EU taxation and pay a far lesser tax of 9% in place of the average tax rate of 23% that the other firms pay.



Amazon Building more Whole Foods Stores, Focus on Prime

Picture of Amazon CEO
Image Credits: Flickr Алексей М

According to WSJ Amazon is going to build more Whole Foods stores to boost its own business. The primary focus is on Prime subscribers. Through the Whole Foods network of over 475 stores across the US, Amazon plans to add more customers under its 2-hour Prime Now delivery service. However, both the firms have declined to comment on the report.



Larry Roberts, Early Internet Pioneer dies at 81

Image Credits: History of Computers

Larry Roberts who was one of the earliest pioneers of the internet has died at the age of 81. He was the program manager for ARPAnet (the internet’s precursor). His contributions have enabled a better internet service quality leading to better video streaming capabilities.


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