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Make Money Using ClickBank Without Website

If you are in affiliate marketing and want to earn easy money then learn the best ways of making money using click bank without having a website.

Clickbank is an online market place which sells digital products and you can make money through affiliate marketing to promote the products of Click bank. If you are looking for making money through Clickbank without website, this article can provide you valuable suggestions on how to go about with it. is said to pay commissions as high as 75% of the product value and they mostly sell electronic goods like e-books, Digital products etc. and it does not involve any distribution cost because of which they are able to pay such high commissions.


Making money through YouTube:

If you want to make money through Click bank without website, YouTube is one of the easiest ways to do it. All you need to do download a high resolution converting video through product creator and then upload on YouTube along with your affiliate link for promoting the product from Click bank. Whenever users view your video and click the affiliate link, you will be paid out by Click bank. YouTube is a free site and you can upload any number of videos as you wish. By uploading good quality videos along with your affiliate link, you can promote the products and generate lot of revenue from Click bank.

Promoting your products through Twitter:


Twitter is a micro-blogging social network website which allows you to post tweets of 140 characters. Twitter has more than 150 million users and is very good tool to promote the products. You should find a suitable product to promote for example an e-book on “How to quit smoking” or “How to create a website”. Once you find a suitable promote, you can start posting tweets about it in Twitter along with your affiliate marketing link. You should start promoting it to all your direct and indirect followers and based on the number of clicks generated, you will get commission from Click bank.

Promoting through Articles:

Another effective way for earning money through Click bank is through affiliate marketing by submitting related articles in article directories. You can find a huge variety of products to promote from Click bank once you register with them. Writing online articles is an effective strategy to promote Click bank products. You can take suitable content from the sales page of product which you are promoting. You should be careful that you are not pitching too much which can irritate the customers. Be subtle and sensible in your marketing and use the right keywords. As a writer and affiliate, you should be able to make you readers go through the articles and click on the marketing links which will lead to sales page of the product. Some article directories have provision of adding links to the text inside article while certain articles limit entering only at end of article. Once you have written the article, you should submit them in multiple article directories and start promoting your articles. The more users read your articles and click on the affiliate marketing links, the more money you will get paid as commission through Click bank.

Other social networking platforms:

You can also promote your Click bank products through other social media platforms like LinkedIn, Twitter, Google+, Facebook pages etc. All you have to do is find suitable content to attract readers and add the affiliate links along with that content. The more users view and click your marketing links, the more commission you will get through Click bank.

These are some useful techniques to earn money from Click bank without using Affiliate marketing.

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