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Mackenzie Bezos has Done What Jeff Bezos Couldn’t – Top Trending Stories

Here are today’s Top 5 News & Events from Around the World. Take a look!


Mackenzie Bezos has Done What Jeff Bezos Couldn’t

Image Credits: Flickr DAEWOO KANG

Mackenzie Bezos has said that she wants to do something good with her share of wealth. And to do so she has decided to sign the Giving Pledge. Out of her $37 billion assets, she will reportedly donate half of it to charity. Whereas, the richest man in modern history, Jeff Bezos her ex-husband, the owner of Amazon is yet to sign this pledge. Some other prominent names that make into the list are Bill and Melinda Gates, Elon Musk, Mark Zuckerberg, and Warren Buffet. Critics have argued that Jeff has his own way of doing philanthropy work but for many its not enough. What do you think? Link.



Facebook Engagement Is Heading Down, But There’s Still Some Good News

Compared to last year the average time spent on Facebook has come down to 38 minutes from 41 minutes in 2017. In the world of social media, this is a big dip. According to a survey, adults are finding it difficult to find time for Facebook. Meanwhile, Instagram which is owned by Facebook is going strong. The average time spent on this platform is on a steady rise. Link.



Well Known Apps Are The Biggest Threat to Your Privacy

According to a report, some of the most famous iOS apps are unethically storing personal data of its users and is compromising the privacy of individuals. In a test run, it was found that a normal iPhone with a decent number of popular apps installed was using 5,400 trackers to transmit user data. Data such as exact locations, emails, phone carriers details and IP addresses are the main attractions for these apps. Link.



Google to Shutdown YouTube Gaming App, Twitch Reigns Supreme

Image Credits: Flickr Trade Group Follow

Google has decided to shut down its Twitch killer YouTube gaming app. The app failed to garner the interest of gamers and finally gave up to the industry’s leader, Twitch. Google had launched this gaming app four years ago in hopes of taking over the live streaming of gaming sessions. Twitch is owned by Amazon. Link.



Is AI Taking Over the Hollywood? And Is It A Good Thing Afterall?

Directors and producers sit together to decide their upcoming movie with the right cast to make it big or at least not end up with losses. It seems this part is going to be taken over by the AI. As the industry grows, AI will decide the cast, make predictions, and will forecast the best possible mix of strategies for best results. Many have argued that such a scenario will add transparency in the system and bring down the cases of favouritism. Link.


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