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Logitech acquires Astro a gaming headset maker for $85 million

Logitech is making inroads into the gaming arena with its latest purchase. Acquiring high-quality gaming headset maker Astro for $85 million. The firm is relatively younger in the gaming industry however, they have been able to garner a respectable market share.

Logitech is also one of the leading gaming hardware makers, especially when it comes to its gaming mouse. Moreover, it sets the standers when it comes to a precision mouse in the industry. The high acquisition price justifies the current trend in the gaming arena. Logitech is looking forward to establishing itself as an industry standard in all the related gaming hardware products.

Another clear reason for this acquisition is the image of PC hardware provider for quite a long period now. Logitech is concerned that it hardly has a console presence in the market. Therefore, with this takeover, it has made it clear that it will try to make some noise in the console gaming niche as well.

Logitech acquires Astro

It is a well-timed take over for a perfect jumpstart for the acquiring firm.

Logitech and Astro have a lot in common for the customers. Both the firms are front runners when it comes to quality products in the market. Their eye for detail and a perfect combination of expertise with market foresight make them a good fit for each other. Therefore if Logitech was looking for a target in gaming hardware particularly in console segment then Astro was its single best choice.

The firm’s blog post explains a lot for the gaming enthusiasts. It seems that firm will continue with its G series offerings in PC and Astro will reach out to consoles customers in the market. Logitech has more or less covered both the gaming platforms now. It was one strong contender in PC gaming hardware. Now it has all types of gamers as customers under its belt.

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