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PlaceLnk lets you map your physical location with your web identity

PlaceLnk is  web service that helps you locating website on map. It’s like DNS but with coordinates instead of names

It’s a service that can serve as a cool utility if you carry an iPhone or T-Mobile G1.

PlaceLnk is a web service that lets you hyperlink physical locations.It’s like DNS but with coordinates instead of names. Just link the physical location of your home or business to a website of your choice. Once a “Place” has been registered using their website, it is visible at that location if searched on iPhone or G1(with the placelnk app).

In their own words

We provide different ways to query a location for Places and to browse the websites linked to them.While other location-based mobile applications try to aggregate as much existing information as possible for a location, we are going a completely different path. You can register your own place in our database and link it to a user-generated website of your choice

Mobile versions for iPhone and the Google Android platform are available together with a version for Firefox Geode. It is also possible to look up places manually using any browser.A personal user may link his personal website, MySpace or Facebook profile to his home while businesses can benefit from this service by offering information such as sales specials,restaurant menus,movie information/show times and other information relevant to the customer.

They have smartly integrated Google Maps on their site as well.But the biggest challenge for them will be to convince users to link their social profiles/business links to physical locations in a short period.

Once the database of the website goes bulky,it will surely trigger a lot of traffic.And the system will turn into a smart utility.For instance,users may check out the profile pages of people living in their neighborhoods or access information from stores in reach.

Founded by Florian Hartung & Bjoern Moehrmann,PlaceLnk plans to seek partnerships with mobile content providers and add support for additional mobile platforms.

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