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Shpoonkle: Reverse-auctioning Marketplace for Attorneys & Clients

Shpoonkle is a legal attorney marketplace that helps connect clients with attorneys, in a way that clients get a cheaper service by reverse bidding.

You may have witnessed several kinds of online marketplaces such as e-commerce sites(like eBay) where bidding or auctions decide the best price for a product or item and the best price bidder takes away the item being auctioned.

In a similar fashion, there’s a reverse bidding system where service providers compete for work assignments or projects, posted by clients and with more bids chipping in every passing moment, new price quotes keep getting reduced and eventually the best value-for-money offer wins the project (although decision is eventually taken by client on whatever basis he or she considers most appropriate, be it price, quality of service, experience or all of them together).

In technology business, there are popular sites such as freelancer that provide such reverse-auction marketplaces for tech service providers and clients who want to get things done at cost-effective rates.

Shpoonkle is a newly launched online marketplace that’s built on the same reverse-auctioning model and aims to provide a place for clients(who are seeking a legal attorney) and attorneys(who can provide legal services to prospective clients).

Shpoonkle presents a one-of-its-kind marketplace to novice people, who’re seeking legal assistance(for things like divorce case, adoption, criminal defence, etc) but afraid of getting over-charged, due to lack of understanding of the field. On the other side, legal attorneys get a hub to explore possible business clients, which is obviously a boon for any attorney, especially those that don’t have clients queued up in front of their office.

The service is currently free to use for both attorneys and clients. All in all, it’s a unique implementation of an old, successful method of establishing an online marketplace for legal attorneys and clients. A recommended service for any legal attorney or anyone seeking legal assistance at cost-effective price.

Here’s what MSNBC has to say about Shpoonkle

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