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Launch of Google Shopping in India: Now Search, Compare and Review Products From Different Retailers

In an attempt to connect more internet users to online shopping, Google has announced the launch of Google Shopping in India. The Google search web page has changed in India and now you will also have a ‘Shopping’ tab on top of the search page. Click it and find wide-ranging products from different retailers from across the web.

India after China has the largest population hooked to the internet in the world and its growing steadily. Over 400 million Indians are using the internet today, but only one out of three are buying products online. Also, there are 58 million SMBs in the country and of that 35 percent are into retail trade. However, only a small segment of these retailers are selling online. It’s this gap that the internet giant wants to connect. If it’s able to bridge the gap, it will create a massive web service where shoppers can make the decision to purchase from the search page itself.

Universal Shopping Page From Google

Google’s Shopping page is the true version of its mission to organize the information on the web and make it easily accessible to all those who surf the internet. The shopping page will enable a personalized experience for the shoppers, as they can filter through search results and review products on several parameters. The search results provide a new approach to online buying in India. As the purchasers can scan through multiple retailers on a single page. It’s like combining the power of leading online websites such as Amazon and Flipkart and bring the best of both of the worlds on one page. Buyers can also choose if they want to search through one of the retailers such as Flipkart, for example.

GIF of Google Shopping with Google Lens
Image Credits: Google

The mobile-first strategy of Google also makes it possible for buyers with entry-level phones to use the shopping page with ease. Additionally, the shopping page isn’t just limited to the search page functionality. You can also integrate Style Search through Google Lens. Now you can point your phone to your favorite dress, click its picture and find the best place to buy it.

New Way of Selling for Merchants on Google

Retailers used Google for uploading store and product data for the purpose of placing Shopping ads. Now with the release of Shopping page, Mercent Center will make it possible for the seller to add product details as well. Once the product details are uploaded, the products will show up across the Google network. Also, the merchants don’t need to pay anything extra for the ad campaigns.

Till now, the merchants needed to know English to use the Merchant Centre. But now Google has expanded it with the addition of Hindi as well. In a country where more than 40% of people who use Hindi as a primary language, its no wonder that this step from Google will surely boost internet retail in India by a healthy margin.

The launch of Google Shopping in India has added benefits for both the retailer and the shopper. As it clears out several bottlenecks in the process of online buying and will connect new users to a rich experience of online purchasing.

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