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Languages To Look For In A Coding Bootcamp

It might look like coding bootcamps are springing up all over the place. And there’s a good reason! The demand for web and mobile developers has never been greater. Between major tech companies—Facebook, Google, Amazon—building offices across the US, and the ever-growing number of tech start-ups, companies across the US and the globe are vying for skilled developers.

Coding bootcamps are a fantastic way to take advantage of this demand and start a career in an ever-dynamic sector. However, what coding bootcamp do you choose? With so many options out there, you’ll want to pinpoint bootcamps that teach the languages you need to get your foot in the tech sector door.

Languages for Fundamental Web Development

When just dipping your toe in the water, looking for bootcamps that cover the foundational languages of web and mobile development is a great way to get started. These languages include:

  • HTML: Considered the building block of websites, HTML lets you create structured, formatted text with headings, paragraphs and bullet points. It also tells sites where to place images and other visual features. HTML is all about creating content that ordered and easy to read.
  • CSS: CSS is all about the look and feel. This language lets you control how content is presented via its layout, colors and fonts. CSS helps make web or app experience feel cohesive and “branded.”
  • JavaScript: JavaScript is the “glue” that holds HTML and CSS together to create a truly dynamic web experience. It lets you add interactivity to sites and mobile apps as well as create fun game experiences.

Languages for Front End Web Development

For individuals who want to create web and mobile experiences that look great and interact with user behaviors, front-end web development is a great fit. Bootcamps focusing on front-end development should include:

  • Bootstrap: As a major repository for HTML, CSS and JavaScript code, Bootstrap lets you leverage freely-available blocks of code to help get your project up and running. It means you can start with effective code, and then customize it to a company’s needs.
  • React: As a JavaScript library that helps you build functional user interfaces, React lets developers create web and mobile experiences that are dynamic without having to reload content. In essence, React lets you create digital experiences that people will actually want to use because they are easy to use!
  • React Native: React Native is React’s mobile cousin, letting you do everything React does but on mobile devices. With React Native, you can package a website into a mobile app letting you reach people on Apple’s App Store or Google Play.

Languages for Back End Web Development

If you want to do it all, from building engaging mobile and web experiences to going behind-the-scenes to build the nuts and bolts that make these experiences work, you’ll want to include languages and tools focused on back end development. These include:

  • NodeJS: To write code that lets a website or app behave according to a user’s behavior, you need to do something called server-side scripting which is supported by NodeJS. This helps with everything from performing database operations and user authentication and application logic.
  • MongoDB: Behind the scenes of any website or app is data, lots and lots of data. MongoDB lets you actually store that data and store it in a way that flexible and accessible so that the websites and apps you create run quickly and smoothly.
  • GitHub: Web development is all about working in teams, and GitHub lets you contribute easily to what a team of developers is working towards by merging your code with the larger batch of code other team members are tackling.

There’s a lot of consider, and a lot to learn. For individuals just getting started, a great way to get started is with a web development fundamentals bootcamp. It’s a perfect way to get your foot in the door while making sure that coding and web development is a good fit for you.

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