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LangOver: Freeware To Keep You Free From Multi-lingual Hassles

In this article we will tell you about langover freeware to keep you free from multi lingual hassles.

If you deal with multiple languages on a regular basis, here’s a freeware that can ease off your work and provide you a quick way to fix some frequently occurring issues which are unavoidable when someone is toggling between one language to another.

Meet LangOver, a free software that gets installed on your desktop and sets you free from language switching hassles. Whether the issue arises because your keyboard layout is probably in wrong language or you have a tendency to forget using ALT+SHIFT key combinations, LangOver makes it pretty easier for you to convert your multi-lingual text into any desired language, all with a mere push of a function key, which is F10.

After installing this freeware, LangOver will sit silently in your Taskbar, ready to help you with quick language conversions, anytime.

There is no constraint over the number of languages supported by LangOver as the freeware uses ‘Google Translate’ as its translation backbone, something that’s already a world-class translation service by Google.

‘Google Translate’ as LangOver’s main way of translating between multiple languages also leaves least chances of poor translation performance.

For trying LangOver without downloading its desktop freeware, you can use LangOver Online. In case you want to integrate LangOver within your own website, you can certainly do so by downloading LangOver SD.

Actually, LangOver freeware will rather behave like a desktop app for Google Translate service, providing you with different ways of dealing with language translation issues in quickest possible manner(using customized Shortcut keys).

Using simple shortcuts like Ctrl+T, Ctrl+G etc, LangOver also provides a quick way to execute a variety of activities like performing a Google search, right from your word document.

Along with Google Translate, next version of LangOver can also bring more functionalities to its current set of functions by utilizing other core services from Google such as keyboard shortcut for Google Images, etc.

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