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Here is the Kyte review. Kyte facilitates Live video-casting, create your own channel, produce your own shows with the help of photos, pre-recorded videos or live videos via mobile.

What’s that !


Gone are the days when live video broadcasting required heavy infrastructure (like the ones news channels have in plenty ex. Satellite, VSAT paraphernalia, etc.,).

Video-casting on the net is usually pre-recorded. But with the growing technology trends, live video-casting is just a matter of a smartphone (which carries with it some basic live casting pre-requisites).

Kyte is a website which facilitates Live video-casting and proving to be a trendsetter in this arena. It lets you create your own channel, produce your own shows with the help of either photos, pre-recorded videos or live videos via mobile.

Kyte has few emerging and rather tough competitors in the name of Qik and FlixWagon with some other ones on the queue which are fighting in the “Mobile Livecasting” arena but Kyte has its set of reasons to be called the “dominant one” in this competition.

CEO and Co-founder Daniel Graf launched Kyte in early 2007(5th Jan) and has taken Kyte’s services to a real high by this time.


What it offers…

  • One can broadcast videos Live on a blog/website, shot by a internet enabled smartphone
  • One can create its own channels, produce its shows and grab a large audience on Kyte.
  • One can monetize its channels by earning revenue from popular channel.

Why it can be THE NEXT BIG THING !

  • Untapped Market – The number of users who upload pre-recorded video are countless but if we go into live video-casting, the figures are still falling short. As Kyte offers a cluster of services for video-casting and producing shows, it has its clear way to climb up the charts.
  • QOS – For a product/service to be successful, the QOS (Quality Of Service) is probably the most significant factor which definitely favours Kyte as far as video, audio and player quality is concerned, compared to its close competitors (Qik, FlixWagon)
  • Future Bidders – Kyte is smart enough to have a corporate tie-up (Kyte had its B-round of funding from Telefonica, Nokia, DoCoMo, Swisscom, Holtzbrinck and DFJ of $15 million) with the mojor mobile vendors in the market and as the future of the web is rather “Mobile Web”, being a mobile oriented videocasting service and having a tie-up with such smartphone vendors is a superb combo. (Just imagine majority of handsets coming with an in-built Kyte service. It can actually turn out to be the “YouTube of Live casting”)

iPhone app – Today, every other guy is crazy about the iphone 3G and internet world seems to be getting customized exclusively for iphone. Hence, at such a crucial moment,having all the Kyte services on iphone is nothing less than a crown for Kyte.


Why it may prove to be a Web Struggler !

  • Killer Competition – Kyte certainly seems to be the the leading one in mobile video-casting sector but is getting some tough competition from Qik and FlixWagon. When it comes to userbase, ease of use and Quality concerns, Qik is a neck to neck competitor (serves as well as Kyte)  while FlixWagon needs a brush up. Hence, Kyte surely doesn’t seem to be a struggler in the future but may find it tough to dominate the concerned market by a big margin.
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