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Kylie Jenner Beats Mark Zuckerberg – Top Trending Stories

Here are today’s Top 5 News & Events from Around the World. Take a look!


Kylie Jenner Beats Mark Zuckerberg, Becomes World’s Youngest Ever Self-Made Billionaire

Image Credits: Flickr Mike Mozart
According to the Forbes billionaire list, Kylie Jenner has become the world’s youngest billionaire at age 21, beating the previous record holder Mark Zuckerberg, who achieved the same at the age of 23. While Mark Zuckerberg made his fortunes in tech, Kylie Jenner made her wealth from her own three-year-old beauty business — Kylie Cosmetics. The list shows Amazon boss Jeff Bezos at no. 1 with $131 billion and Mark Zuckerberg falling in the list of billionaires. Currently, the US has the highest number of billionaires at 607, while China’s billionaire’s number stood at 324 and India has 106 billionaires with a combined wealth of $406.3 billion.


Self-Driving Cars More Likelier to Hit a Dark Skinned Person, Is AI Racist?

Image Credits: Flickr D. Lapoujade

According to a study conducted by the Georgia Institute of Technology, the self-driving car technology might have yet another problem associated with it, that is racial in nature. The study has found that autonomous vehicle tech is likelier to hit a black person than hitting a white person. With this, the list of problems that plague this technology has got longer. The report, “Predictive Inequity in Object Detection,” isn’t peer-reviewed and therefore, it’s premature to say that it’s completely free of errors.  Such findings aren’t new, previously, a Google image recognition labelled African Americans as Gorillas. So the problem is widespread and hence, a structured approach to solve this issue is the call of the hour.



40% of AI Startups in Europe Got Nothing do with AI, Do You Know Any?

Image Credits: Flickr Mike MacKenzie

AI hype is real and kicking. Companies who want to ride this tide aren’t going to be ethical. They have decided to hop on this AI bandwagon even if they got nothing to do with AI. According to a survey conducted by venture capital firm MMC in London, out of 2830 companies under observation in 13 EU states, 40% made no use of AI that was material to its core functioning. Companies show AI chatbots deployed on its website to call itself an AI company.



Apple Opens Up to ‘Right to Repair’, Will Work on Third Party Battery Fitted iPhone

Image Credits: Flickr Mike MacKenzie

Do you own iPhone that has a third party fitted battery in it? If yes, then you got good news from Apple. You can now take your iPhone for repairs at the Apple repairs centre and get it repaired. Recently the clamour for ‘right to repair’ has gathered a lot of attention and Apple has responded promptly to this issue. This is a great step from Apple, and many other companies, hopefully, will follow this example.



Top Tesla Shareholder Wants Elon Musk Ousted But Wants to Retain Him Too

Image Credits: Flickr Red Carpet Report on Min

The biggest Tesla shareholder, Baillie Gifford & Co’s head of global equities, James Anderson has said that they would want Elon to vacate the CEO position at Tesla. However, he also said that his investment company isn’t against Elon continuing to work for Tesla, but that they want him to be more of an evangelist than be its CEO. The investment firm has an 8% stake in Tesla. Both the investment firm and Tesla hasn’t commented on this statement yet.


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