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KFC’s Plant-Based Chicken A Success? – Top Trending Stories

Here are today’s Top 5 News & Events from Around the World. Take a look!


KFC’s Plant-Based Chicken A Success?

KFC people in ques to buy plant-based chicken
Image Credits: AP Amis

KFC has sold out its plant-based chicken in just 5 mins of its launch. It seems the results suggest that people are liking the concept of beyond meat. Plant-based meat isn’t something new but KFC’s experiment has created a frenzy among its buyers. The crowd was eager to test out the new product and hopefully, the trend is likely to catch up. KFC is testing the results and will decide the future course. It might conduct some more tests or just roll out the new item on a large scale. Link.



US Border Officials Increasingly Denying Entry Over Social Media Activity

Security person
Image Credits: Flickr DVIDSHUB

The US border officials are increasingly using social media profiles of the visitors to grant them entry into the United States. Border officials are tracing not just the individual’s social profiles but also of the friends on the platform. If any post is found that’s not favouring the US, the visitor can be denied entry. Even if the post isn’t posted by the visitor seeking entry. For example, a Harvard Muslim student was evicted from the US on the basis of posts published by his friends on social media. Link.



Uber And Lyft Drivers Protest, US Presidential Candidate Takes Part

Uber drivers protest captured on camera
Image Credits: Flickr Wayne S. Grazio

Hundreds of Uber and Lyft drivers are protesting for employee rights in San Francisco. Even the 2020 presidential candidate Pete Buttigieg made a visit. Link.



Google To Shutdown Google Hire, Might Face EU Investigation Too

Google Hire screen shot
Image Credits: Google Hire website Screenshot

Google has announced that it will shut down its job aggregator site Google Hire in 2020 that it had launched just two years ago. Meanwhile, the EU might investigate its job search platform business on the request of 23 job search websites in Europe. Link.



First Pro Gamer Signed By Adidas

Ninja Tyler head shot
Image Credits: Ubergizmo

Adidas is a big name in the sports industry and it makes promotional deals with athletes who use its products on the field. But the definition of an athlete is changing, it seems. After the known sports gear maker signed up pro video game player, Ninja for its products. This is the first time that a pro gamer is been taken on board by a major company in the sporting industry. The deal has the potential to change the video game industry too in the future. Link.


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