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Judge Warns Elon Musk – Top Trending Stories

Here are today’s Top 5 News & Events from Around the World. Take a look!


Judge Warns Elon Musk, Asked to Follow Court Orders

Image Credits: Natan Dvir/Bloomberg via Getty Images

The tussle between Tesla CEO Elon Musk and the Securities and Exchange Commission finally reached the courts on Thursday. Both the parties argued fiercely inside the courtroom. The judge wasn’t impressed at all and asked both Musk and SEC to reach to an agreement. The whole matter is about Elon Musk’s tweet over his claim that Tesla will produce 500k models per year. People had hoped that SEC will ask for the removal of Elon as the Tesla CEO, but SEC didn’t ask for it. The Judge said, “I don’t care if you are a small potato or a big fish” and that complying with court orders isn’t optional. As reported on arstechnica.



After Aus Now UK Keen on Punishing Social Media Bosses for Offensive Content

If the proposed law is passed in the UK, the social media bosses could face jail time for offensive content. The social media executives could be held personally liable for harmful content distributed on their platforms. The leaked documents were obtained by the Guardian. According to the proposed law, there will be an independent regulator that will oversee these matters and the expense to run this department will come from a levy that will be placed on social media companies.



WhatsApp’s India Tip Line Isn’t a Helpline to Fight Fake News

When it was launched, the WhatsApp Tip Line was believed to be the tool meant to fight fake news in India during the general elections. But now the Indian startup that partnered with WhatsApp for this feature has revealed that it’s only for research and not for informing users. The startup, Proto has published a detailed FAQs section where it has mentioned this.



Family Discovers Live Streaming Camera in Airbnb, Should the Owners be Punished?

Image Credits: Nealie Barker

Nealie Barker, mother-of-five was shocked to discover a live streaming camera in their Airbnb accommodation in Ireland. The camera was placed in a hidden location in the living room. The husband is an IT consultant who was able to connect the camera feed with his phone. The owners accepted the presence of the hidden cam only after they were provided with evidence. Airbnb has apologised to the family. After this incident should we be more cautious of our stay at an Airbnb? Link.



An Amicable Divorce for Mr and Mrs Bezos, Still With a Hefty Alimony

Image Credits: Reuters Danny Moloshok

The Bezos couple has finally come to a divorce settlement. Mrs Bezos will keep 4% share at the Amazon but her voting rights will remain with her husband, Jeff Bezos. Both hold over 12 per cent stake in the company and Bezos will have control over 75% of this share. Despite raking in only 4%, MacKenzie Bezos will have $36 billion to her name. And Jeff Bezos will still retain the tag of the richest person in the world with over $108 Billion. Next in line is Bill Gates with $102 Billion. Jeff managed to keep full control over the company. Ms Bezos said in a tweet that she will continue to work on her novel and will spend her time raising the children.


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