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JotForm PDF Editor: A Tool For Creating Magnificent PDF Forms

In 2006 Aytekin Tank founded JotForm, the first WYSIWYG online form builder. Today JotForm has more than 130 employees and a user base of 4.1 million.

The company recently released JotForm PDF Editor, which automates the creation of polished, professional PDF documents. This new tool will help you streamline your workflow and increase your team’s efficiency. You can create PDFs for any type of form response data, such as payments, contracts, applications, proposals, and more.

JotForm PDF Editor is easily accessible through JotForm’s user dashboard and is available with any type of JotForm account. Vastly different than other PDF editors on the market, it comes jam-packed with the same benefits as the online form builder, such as drag-and-drop fields; customizations; options to print, share, and download; and the ability to create a fillable PDF. JotForm also offers a full guide on how to edit PDFs for users who’d like to learn more. Check out a few major benefits of JotForm PDF Editor below.


Image caption: JotForm PDF Editor templates.

Simple Drag-and-Drop Interface: JotForm PDF Editor’s interface is welcoming and uncluttered, making it easy for anyone to quickly get started. To create a PDF, all you need to do is drag and drop elements to your liking. You can customize your PDFs and add any relevant colors and branding. Within minutes, you’ll be up and running with your favorite PDF design, be it a contract, invoice, or application.


JotForm PDF Editor also comes preloaded with 100+ templates to choose from. Predefined design elements make it even easier to produce common PDF forms. You can create multiple PDF documents and collect form data in the same format. Automating your data collection and presentation tasks will save you significant time. It’s a win-win.  


GIF caption: Easily drag-and-drop elements with JotForm PDF Editor.


Sharing, Storage, and Personalization: In today’s multi-device world, you need immediate access to your PDF documents and the ability to instantly share them with your colleagues and clients. JotForm PDF Editor has built-in sharing features, which allow you to email your document with the click of a button. You also have the option to print or download your PDF.


JotForm PDF Editor allows users to collect electronic signatures, which is helpful when working with contracts or other forms that need to be approved by the receiver. You can also include spaces for comments and add a password to make the document more secure.


GIF caption: Simply share, print, or download PDFs with JotForm PDF Editor.

Fillable PDF Forms: With the help of JotForm PDF Editor, you can create PDF documents that include blank fields for users to fill out. Once a respondent submits your form, you can share it via email or download it automatically.


From creating PDF forms to storing and sharing data, JotForm PDF Editor has you covered. Its features and ease of use guarantee a seamless process that will not only reduce your workload but also impress your colleagues and clients.


JotForm PDF Editor has created an ecosystem of data collection, storage, and sharing that drives stronger results.


JotForm is committed to user satisfaction and 24-7 customer service for all of its users. Check out JotForm PDF Editor today.


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