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JotForm: A comprehensive online form builder

If there’s anything that plays a role in determining an organization’s success today, it’s data. That’s why the mission of JotForm — to simplify the cumbersome process of collecting data — is so important. How does JotForm accomplish this? Through its easy-to-use, drag-and-drop online Form Builder. 

JotForm not only simplifies the process of creating online forms but also allows you to customize your forms. A plethora of beautifully designed templates and themes enable companies to enhance their brand with online forms.

Who can use JotForm?

JotForm caters to companies from all types of industries and sectors. This includes NGOs, small businesses, educational companies, healthcare, event planning, and more. These organizations can take advantage of JotForm’s features to make the form building and data collection process that much easier.

JotForm’s important features

Customize forms

By offering several advanced styling options, JotForm allows you to customize your online forms to match your brand.

Mobile Forms

JotForm’s latest product, JotForm Mobile Forms, allows you to conduct surveys and collect data from your smartphone and tablet. Even when you’re on the go, you can create awesome online forms. You don’t need an internet connection because JotForm Mobile Forms has offline functionality.     

The JotForm app is available for download on the App Store as well as the Google Play store.  

PDF Editor

JotForm’s PDF Editor can seamlessly convert a wide range of documents, including contracts, invoices, inspection reports, attendance reports, and many others, into elegant and professional-looking PDFs.             

HIPAA-compliant forms

JotForm offers HIPAA-compliant forms so that companies can collect and store health information from their patients and employees safely and securely. With JotForm’s HIPAA-compliant forms, patients can schedule appointments online, sign documents electronically, and even pay for medical services.              

JotForm Enterprise

This feature is a major boon for larger companies that are laser-focused on improving their ROI and productivity. Enterprise users get unlimited form submissions and dedicated support.          


JotForm has 256 bit SSL protection and is PCI compliant. Companies can rest assured that their data is secure. JotForm is also GDPR compliant, in addition, users on silver and gold plans can take advantage of HIPAA compliance.          

Form widgets

JotForm offers a wide variety of widgets for voice recording, geolocation, payment processing, calculations, and more. Companies can supercharge their forms with these widgets and get the information they need, no matter what form it’s in.

Popular forms available on JotForm 

  • Application forms
  • Registration forms
  • Contact forms
  • Feedback forms
  • Order forms
  • Evaluation forms
  • Reservation forms
  • Booking forms
  • Request forms


JotForm’s pricing is quite reasonable. The platform essentially offers four pricing models:

  • Free: limited to 100 submissions per month
  • Bronze: $15.83 per month when paid annually, 1,000 submissions per month
  • Sliver: $32.50 per month when paid annually, 10,000 submissions per month
  • Gold: $82.50 per month when paid annually, 100,000 submissions per month


In today’s competitive environment, time is almost as valuable as data. And JotForm gives you the power to create online forms in a fraction of the time of other form builders. JotForm also offers a lot of incredible features that will make it easier to collect data and improve your customers’ experience.

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