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Japan’s Gift to Cryptocurrency Industry, Offers Self-Regulatory Status – Top Trending Stories

Here are today’s Top 6 News & Events from Around the World. Take a look!


Japan’s Gift to Cryptocurrency Industry, Offers Self-Regulatory Status

Japan road crossing

On Wednesday, Japan’s Financial Services Agency(FSA) granted cryptocurrency industry self-regulatory status. After two major thefts in the cryptocurrency exchanges, Japan authorities feel it’s best to leave these matters in the hands of experts. The FSA rules give power to the associations to set rules and regulations. It will cover consumers and their assets. This major step has been taken to safeguard the interest of cryptocurrency users and prevent money laundering.



PNG Format Co-Founder No More

PNG founder FB Pic

Glenn Randers-Pehrson, one of the founders of PNG format has died after a long illness. He was a co-founder of the PNG Development Group in the 90’s and one of the earliest original designers of PNG format. Till recently Glenn was at the centre of latest releases of PNG format. He was the main editor and the moderator-in-chief. (Pic: Facebook)



Facebook is Developing Lasso, Targeting Teens

Facebook's music app, Lasso

With Lasso, Facebook is hoping to win back the teen audience that it has lost over the years. This latest app will allow users to upload videos of themselves lip-synching to songs and share it with the rest of the world. Facebook is hoping to take away the market share from Musically, which was recently bought by Chinese tech giant ByteDance for $1 billion. Facebook has also secured licensing from all the major record labels for this Musically type app.



Amidst Bot Crackdown, Twitter Says Goodbye to 9 Million Users

Twitter Talk

In an attempt to get rid of spams, bots and robots, Twitter has lost up to 9 million users in the process. Because of this operation, Twitter’s total user count came down from 335 million in last quarter to 326 million today. A Twitter spokesperson said that these steps are necessary to keep Twitter’s trust levels high. Still, after the latest crackdown, the number of users has come down to 2017 level. Meanwhile, the daily active users on Twitter are increasing.



Microsoft Record Profits, Thanks to Cloud Services

Microsoft Window Key

At last, Microsoft’s bet on cloud services has paid back. It has recorded a $29.1 billion in profits. Cloud services are turning out to be the cash cows for Microsoft. Not just the profits, but the value of Microsoft in the stock market has also reached $785 billion due to its investment in providing cloud services such as Microsoft Azure. Though the grounds for data centres were started by Amazon, Microsoft over the past few years has attained the second strongest position in this industry.



SOSA, Isreal’s Innovation Platform has Started Innovation Hubs in India

SOSA website shot

SOSA from Isreal is in talks with the state governments in Assam, Goa, and Maharashtra to set up its first phase of innovation hubs in India. Once the hubs are in place, the startups from these states will have access to SOSA’s global innovation network. According to Officials at SOSA, about 100 startups will have network access every year. SOSA is headquartered in New York, U.S.


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