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Japan’s Artificial Meteor Showers – Top Trending Stories

Here are today’s Top 5 News & Events from Around the World. Take a look!


Japan’s Artificial Meteor Showers, A New Sector Emerging?

Image Credit: Flickr Oleg Bryzgalov

Japan’s Astro Live Experience is going to make history by conducting a live meteor shower over Japan. A new sector is emerging called space entertainment and Japan is leading in this industry right now with a promising start. The meteor shower is essentially an electronic light show that resembles meteor shower and will last from a few seconds to about a minute.



Apple Job Cuts, Low Sales Responsible?

Image Credits: Flickr MIT EECS

Apple has reduced its new recruit hiring projections for the year 2019. The low sales figures have caused this issue. Apple is facing low sales figures in some of its major Asian markets such as China and South Korea. The latest models especially the iPhone XR has not been able to generate enough interest in the minds of existing or new consumers.



Alexa can Now Broadcast News, Like a Professional Broadcaster!

Alexa might soon take over as the news broadcaster for its users. The latest update from Amazon will take Alexa to new heights. The latest development in neural-text-to-speech will enable this functionality in Alexa.



Now Soon Detect Drones Flying Near You with this App

Image Credits: Pixabay

Drones have taken over our fancy and now they are everywhere from emergency situations to recreational pursuits. And hence many are now concerned whether they could track these drones. Worry no more as you can soon use an app to do just this with ease. AirMap has partnered with Google Wing and to develop an app which will provide real-time information about the drones flying in the airspace near you.



‘BirdBox’ Effect, YouTube to Ban Risky Prank Videos – Will It Help?

Image Credits: Flickr DEENAMIK .COM

YouTube is considering a ban on risky prank videos that pose severe physical injury to people. The latest series on Netflix called ‘BirdBox’ has caused a new wave of viral challenge videos that require people to blindfold themselves and act like the movie script. Already there have been a couple of accidents caused by this challenge. Viral videos are one of the most watched videos on YouTube, but this time the video-sharing giant has decided to ban these kinds of videos.


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