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Jack Dorsey says that he is to be partially blamed for growth of Centralized Internet (Web 2.0)

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Jack Dorsey says that he is to be partially blamed for growth of centralized internet (Web 2.0)   

CEO of Twitter attends 'dmexco' in Cologne
Image Credits: Flickr marshal anthonee

We all know that Jack Dorsey is a great supporter of Web 3.0, a futuristic internet technology that will be supposedly based on decentralization. Dorsey, who is currently the CEO of fintech company Square, tweeted a very interested thing with regard to this issue last week. Dorsey tweeted on Twitter that he believes that he is to be partially blamed for the current state of internet, which is centralized in nature and is officially called as Web 2.0.  The Twitter founder said that several online technologies during the early days of internet like usenet, irc, web and even e-mail played a key role in centralizing the internet, hinting that he himself played a key role in growth of these technologies. Dorsey did not elaborate on this tweet further. The debate between Web 2.0 vs Web 3.0 has been enraging since last year. Only time will say whether Web 3.0 has any future and redefine the way we surf & interact with internet. But as of now, we’ll be heading to our next trending story.


Global crypto exchange FTX is in funding talks with Indian gaming unicorn MPL  

According to media reports, India’s gaming unicorn start-up MPL or Mobile premier League is in talks with several investors including crypto exchange FTX for raising fresh funds. Media reports claim that MPL will use this fresh fund to foray into the web 3.0 space, which we told earlier is an upcoming internet technology based on decentralization. The identity of other investors who want to invest in MPL is still not known but sources claim that Bahamas based crypto exchange FTX is certainly involved in the fund-raising talks. If FTX does invest in MPL then this will mark its first investment in India. On other hand, FTX’s main rivals Coinbase and Binance have already invested in India. Coinbase is the investor in India’s local crypto exchange CoinSWitch Kuber and CoinDCX while Binance is investor in Wazirx, India’s largest crypto exchange.


Donald Trump’s app Truth Social is already being branded as a Disaster

Photo of Ex US President Donald Trump.

Barely one month after the launch of Donald Trump’s much awaited app Truth Social, experts have started labelling this app as a huge disaster. The former U.S. President launched Truth Social app in February as an alternative to Twitter after he was permanently banned across all social media platforms following the violence in Capitol Hill in January.

Mind you, Trump’s app started with a bang on the day of his launch, with the app becoming the number one downloaded app on Apple’s IOS. But since its big bang launch the Truth Social app has also been plagued with major technical issues, issues that remain largely unresolved even to this day. As a result, even today millions of Americans are unable to access this app. According to media reports, the app’s waiting list is close to nearly 1.5 million users. The app’s download numbers have already crashed, from 1,70,000 to merely 8,000 download per month.

The plaguing technical issues has even reportedly frustrated Trump who hasn’t tweeted any thing on the app for nearly a month. Even experts are baffled as to why Trump’s team has not been able to solve these technical issues. Well, currently nothing seems to be going right for Donald Trump, who only few months back was the world’s most powerful man.


U.S. Court Dismisses Lawsuit against Binance for allegedly selling Unregistered Cryptos

In good news for Binance, a U.S District court has dismissed a law suit that accused the crypto exchange of selling unregistered cryptos, which is clear violation of America’s securities laws  . This lawsuit was filed in April 2020. Some of the unregistered cryptos that Binance was accused of selling included EOS, QSP KNC, TRX and ICX. Most of these crypto coins have lost significant value in the market over the years. Dismissing the lawsuit, the U.S district court said that U.S. securities laws did not apply on Binance since it is not based in the U.S. For all those who don’t know, Binance’s headquarter is based not based in the U.S. but Cayman Islands.

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