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Jack Dorsey India Controversy: Holds Anti-Brahminical Placard – Top Trending Stories

Here are today’s Top 6 News & Events from Around the World. Take a look!


Jack Dorsey India Controversy: Holds Anti-Brahminical Placard

Portrait Shot of Twitter CEO
Image Credits: Flickr Matin Guptil

Jack Dorsey has found himself under a social media storm in India due to a twitter post where he is seen holding a placard saying “Smash Brahminical Patriarchy.” Brahmans are the highest Hindu caste in India. The photo was uploaded on Twitter by a women journalist who was part of a delegation that met the Twitter CEO.



Samurai Sword Now a Part of Space Probe

Movie shot of characters dressed as Samurai
Image Credits: Flickr Gabriel Masa

The Samurai sword is famous for its strength. The blade is powerful and sharp enough to cut through several materials. Because of it, the scientists have decided to use the same material for an asteroid probe. Now a Samurai sword maker will use his workmanship for making the same steel for the space probe.



Russian Firm Sue Facebook Over Account Termination

Mark Zuckerberg on stage
Image Credits: Flickr Maurizio Pesce

A Russian Company has sued Facebook over its account termination. Interestingly, it’s the same firm whose accountant is been booked by the U.S authorities.  The company has filed for damages and account restoration. The lawsuit is filed in the Northern District of California. Facebook has not responded on this issue yet.



Elon Musk Forces NASA to Review Safety on Private Space Agencies

Elon Musk takes a marijuana puff
Image Credits: Flickr John Trump

NASA will review the safety of two companies involved in private space launch sector. Elon’s recent puff of marijuana on Joe Rogan podcast has prompted NASA to take this step. Apart from Elon’s SpaceX, Boeing will also come under the safety review. The review will start next month and will approximately take around a couple of months to complete.



Google Play Allows Malware Download, Half a Million Affected

Image Capture of games that are infected
Image Credits: Twitter Lucas Stefanko

From Google’s Play Store, users have unknowingly downloaded malware software presented as a driving game.  A security researcher at ESET has published a report on Twitter stating a list of 13 gaming apps by the same developer and all are malware infested. So, be careful when you download anything from the Google Play store. You need to check if you too are using any of these 13 apps. Link.



Finally Amazon Buckles Under Somalian Employee Pressure: Will it Set a New Precedent?

Somalian refugee workers of Amazon meeting
Image Credit: The New York Times Jenn Ackerman

Amazon is known for its superb service, but it comes at the cost of employee overworking under tremendous pressure to perform. And they have no voice against this e-commerce giant. Finally, a group of refugee employees from Somali in Minnesota have stood up to Amazon’s unethical practices. They have successfully forced the Amazon’s management to come on negotiating terms. So, is it a new beginning for the employees across the world who work under Amazon? Only time will tell.


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