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IT Outsourcing in Eastern Europe: 6 Things You Need to Know

Software development Eastern Europe has always been an interesting discussion. While Eastern Europe software development outsourcing wasn’t so popular 15 years ago and the most popular locations were India and the Philippines, outsourcing software development to Eastern Europe has seen companies with the likes of Microsoft, Amazon, and HP all sourcing operations in Eastern Europe.

1. The rise of outsourcing companies in Eastern Europe

Eastern Europe software outsourcing has seen many things. But there are plenty of good examples of companies doing IT outsourcing in Eastern Europe pretty well.

Let’s back up with facts. Out of 21,157 companies in offering custom software development, more than 2,640 are based in Eastern Europe. Around 12,5% of the global market is concentrated in this region. And the population of the area is less than 300 million people, meaning it’s very tech-stacked!

2. Western Influence in the region

Eastern Europe is within the Western influence sphere. Entrepreneurship is encouraged there, Western business etiquette is expected, which makes communication and business deal straightforward and smooth.

When outsourcing to Eastern Europe, you should expect that minimal cultural barriers and language barriers are hardly an issue. Discussing Netflix TV series with your Eastern European partners is easy!

3. EU Membership is a good thing

Outsourcing to Eastern Europe provides a variety of benefits. Many countries in that region are members of the European Union (EU). This means they share consistent laws, languages, currencies, and customs with each other and the rest of the EU. Doing business with a company located in an EU member country leads to enhanced compatibility, easier access to new markets, and increased trade opportunities.

Of course, Ukraine, Moldova, Belarus, and Russia are not members of the EU, but there are established practices when working with US and Western European Clients.

4. IT outsourcing in Eastern Europe is backed by politicians

Since the late 1980s, Poland, Romania, and Bulgaria have highly emphasized cultivating the IT industry in their respective countries. The region has seen a significant rise in outsourcing projects and other IT-related opportunities because of this focus. These countries realize how important it is to keep US businesses happy. Which encourages them to tweak legislation and regulations to make projects smoother as they go along.

Politics are made to back Western IT investments since these industries are bringing the most tax money.

5. Time zones are more favorable

Eastern Europe makes for an excellent choice for developers because its time zone is convenient for a lot of other countries. Teams in Eastern Europe are also far more accessible, thanks to a well-developed and established transportation network, which allows you to visit your partners and working spaces with ease and comfort.

And, if you find yourself requiring an accommodation, local hotels offer appealing rates for quality services across the region that include food and transportation.

For Western European and British companies, it is even easier since time difference issues practically don’t exist.

6. Eastern European IT companies have experience

If you want to find a company that has experience with Western firms, Eastern Europe is a great option. Since many outsourcing companies have worked with Western firms before, you can get help creating a solid product for an international audience.

Eastern European countries are quite popular outsourcing destinations for corporations. Many software development companies have previously worked with Western firms. Usually, it is a very pleasing experience for both parties. Western businesses save money while hiring experts, and their Eastern European partners create a consistent cash flow that is pleasing compared to their living standards.


IT Eastern Europe software development outsourcing is the perfect symbiosis between Western European and American companies who want to save money from their software development. Eastern European outsourcing companies can provide rapid development speeds, insane pools of talent, and an excellent value for money that can be seen nowhere else.

While the future brings many surprises, one thing is guaranteed – Eastern European outsourcing companies will continue to thrive and satisfy their Western partners.

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