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Is YouTube Copying Netflix? YouTube Will Offer ‘Choose Your Adventure Content’ Next Month

Is YouTube Copying Netflix? With the latest report, it seems just like that. YouTube is planning its own version of choosing your own adventure style content. Clearly, the videos streaming giant is serious about competing with Netflix.

The latest launch that will take place next month will have some impressive changes from YouTube. ‘Choose Your Own Adventure-style’ series will give more options to consumers. A drastic shift in the video-sharing site. It will be similar to Netflix’s You Vs. Wild and Black Mirror: Bandersnatch.

YouTube Originals

According to the YouTube Spokesperson, the project will have a dedicated section for the viewers from where they could access the interactive programming and special live shows. The focus is ‘interactivity’ when it comes to these new programmes. YouTube wants to create an immersive experience for its audience. Additionally, there are plans to integrate some features into both the unscripted and scripted YouTube Originals. The company will soon announce the first programmes to its viewers.

YouTube has already experimented with interactive ads in the past, with some success. This is the first time that YouTube has opened up to interactive programmes as well. Once this happens it will be in direct competition with Netflix. Bandersnatch is the premier interactive show on Netflix and has a sizeable viewership too.

It’s unclear as to how many programmes are lined up by YouTube to take on Netflix. But past reports have indicated towards the companies plans to cut down on its Original shows to bring down costs. So, for now, it’s an experiment and a lot will depend on the success of initial shows. If they are able to generate enough traction, YouTube might launch many such programmes in the future. For now, we can only speculate.

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