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Is Uber’s Operations Illegal? – Top Trending Stories

Here are today’s Top 5 News & Events from Around the World. Take a look!


Is Uber’s Operations Illegal? 6000 Taxi Drivers File Class Action

Around 6000 taxi drivers in Australia have filed a class action against Uber at Victorian Supreme Court claiming that Uber is destroying their livelihood. Meanwhile Uber has said that it has received no notification so far in this matter. Link.



YouTube’s Premium Content Is Free!

YouTube has launched nine original series on its website. All these premium content will be free to watch for anyone. It seems that YouTube has given up its plans to make it subscriber only. It made these announcements yesterday. Link.



Porn Hub Interested in Tumblr, But Why?

Verizon is looking to sell Tumblr. As soon as the news broke out, the Porn Hub confirmed to BuzzFeed News that its interested to buy Tumblr. The reason being that Tumblr used to be a great place for adult content sharing that was banned in December 2018. After that, the traffic fell on the website. Porn Hub wants to revive Tumblr and re-launching the adult content will be the central strategy. Link.



Tesla Has No Money?

Tesla is seeking funds to stay alive. According to news reports, the electric car maker is looking to raise up to $2.3 billion. Also, it’s being said that Elon Musk himself owes more than $500 million to banks from which he raised money to start Tesla. Link.



China Is Using Biometrics to Track Its Muslim Minority Population

The government in China is using a gate-like scanning apparatus to register biometrics of its Muslim population in the province of Xinjiang. The Human Rights Watch has reported. China is also using three-dimensional images and smartphone fingerprints of this minority to keep them in check. Link.


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