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Is Trump Back To Blacklisting Chinese Firms Again? – Top Trending Stories

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Is Trump Back To Blacklisting Chinese Firms Again?

Donald-Trump making the vistory sign

Image Credits: Flickr Gage Skidmore

According to the Washington Post, Trump administration might start blacklisting Chinese firms that copy US technology. But this action might raise questions of the government’s control over patents. There’s also a possibility of retaliation from China. Further escalation will put more pressure on trade and relations of both countries. Link.



Huawei Set For UK Entry Soon

Huawei building

Image Credits: Flickr Open Grid Scheduler / Grid Engine

UK Prime Minister Boris Jhonson is all set to grant entry to Huawei for the countries 5G network equipment installations.  According to Sunday Times sources, the UK government is all set to allow Huawei inside its ‘non-contagious’ 5G network. If this deal goes through, Huawei might find it easy to sell to other European countries as well. Link.



 US Plane Returns After 780 Day Mystery Mission

X-37B-plane landed

Image Credit: USAF

The unpiloted US aircraft, X-37B has returned to its base after a long 780-day mystery mission around the world. It was the fifth plane in a secretive Orbital Test Vehicle mission. The US airforce has said that it wants to push the limits of its missions and this is a step into that direction. The plane is built by Boeing and uses a small payload. The plane is powered by solar energy. Link.



SpaceX All Set For Crew Test

SpaceX's rocket launch.

SpaceX launches first ever military satellite

SpaceX is going to test its crew with its Dragon capsule next week. After the accidental explosion back in April, the company will test ‘static fire’, according to the CNBC report. Link.



Facebook Finally Takes Down False Political Ad

Mark Zuckerberg at Congress

Image Credits: Flickr Steven Stern

Facebook has taken down a political ad that displayed false facts. According to the social media giant, it did it because the add was put up by a political group rather than by a politician. So is Facebook fact proof for the upcoming US elections? Link.


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