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Is Huawei Ban Coming To An End? – Top Trending Stories

Here are today’s Top 5 News & Events from Around the World. Take a look!


Is Huawei Ban Coming To An End?

Huawei CEO
Image Credits: Flickr HM Treasury

Huawei ban is soon coming to an end as the United States commerce department is all set to loosen its ban on the mobile equipment maker from China. Already numerous US firms have applied for a special license to continue working with Huawei and the number has reached 26o now. The sheer number of firms wanting to do business with Huawei has made the ban irrelevant. Commerce Secretary Wilbur Ross told in an interview to Bloomberg that “very shortly” licenses to do business with Huawei will arrive for the US firms. Which firms have applied for licenses and how many will get it isn’t been revealed yet. There’s an exception though when it comes to telecoms. The ban on Huawei was to deter its 5G technology and snooping efforts by Chinese intelligence. The blacklisting of this Chinese tech giant is still active. Link.



China To Stop Selling E-Cigarettes Online To Save Kids

Image Credits: Flickr Sean Bodin Images

China has asked e-cigarettes businesses to stop selling their products online. The Chinese authorities have taken this step to stop e-cigarettes consumption by kids. Link.



1 M Electric Car Charging Stations By 2030, Target Set By Merkel

Germany Official Building

The German Chancellor Angela Merkel has set a target of one million electric car charging stations by 2030 in Germany. She announced this in a video message on Sunday during her visit to India. She said that the industry needs to work with it to make it a possibility. Currently, there are 20,000 charging points in Germany for electric cars. Link.



 Google’s Doctor Friendly Search Bar

Doctors in hospital
Image Credits: Flickr Sharp HealthCare

Google had recently announced its health unit and nothing was clear about its use. But now things have become clearer. Doctors can use it as they use the web to search for patients reports. For example, a doctor can simply type in “87” to search medical records of the 87-year-old patient instead of writing the full name. Link.



Car Blind Spot Removal, Teenager Gets $25000 Award For The Invention

Image Credits: YouTube Paul Gassler

A teenager has come up with a novel invention that could prove revolutionary for the automobile industry. The youngster has removed the blind spot in the cars a-pillar for better visibility. Link.


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