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Is Google’s Stadia A Mess? – Top Trending Stories

Here are today’s Top 5 News & Events from Around the World. Take a look!


Is Google’s Stadia A Mess?

Google Stadia Logo
Image Credit: Google

Publishers and gamers aren’t happy with the debut of Google’s game streaming service Stadia. In fact, many are furious with this game streaming platform. Some gamers have complained about not receiving the access code to Stadia, which was promised months ago. Plus the hardware is also in short supply here. Stadia is still missing out on several features including the inability to play 4k content on the web browser. Also, the launch of the gaming platform with a measly 22 games isn’t inspiring either. Link.



Meme Creation App Whale From Facebook

Image Credit: Facebook

A division inside the Facebook app development team has launched a meme creation app called Whale. You can use this app to make memes and share it on social media. The idea isn’t new but there are no in-app purchases. It’s completely free to use. The app is only available in Canada for the time being. Facebook is facing stiff competition both from TikTok and Snapchat. It wants to keep dominating the social media app industry and is constantly experimenting with new ideas and shutting down those that aren’t gaining traction. Link.



Tinder Lends Support To Trans Women, No More Blocking Them Out?

I saw you on Tinder
Image Credits: Flickr Genometttemperament

The dating app, Tinder has said that it will review its policy of blocking out trans women on the platform. Tinder receives many complaints from its users which, according to it, are rooted in transphobia that leads to the eventual banning of the trans person’s profile. The online dating app will make changes in its protocol that will improve the lives of such users. Link.



India Says It Can Snoop On Its Own Citizens, Legally!

The Indian government on Tuesday said that it has the power to snoop on its own citizens. This includes intercepting, monitoring and checking all forms of digital assets that are related to the targeted person. The authorities have cited section 69 of the Information Technologies Act for justifying this action. Link.



Bill Gates Backed Secretive Energy Startup’s Breakthrough

Image Credit: Flickr krmesser2105 (representative picture)

A secretive startup, Heliogen aimed at saving the world has made a breakthrough in the solar energy generation, according to reports. With the help of AI and mirrors, the startup was able to generate heat equivalent of one-fourth of Sun’s surface temperature. This breakthrough is important because it leads to new possibilities in the industrial sector. For the first time concentrated solar energy is being used. Link.


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