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Is CoD The PUBG Killer? – Top Trending Stories

Here are today’s Top 5 News & Events from Around the World. Take a look!


Is CoD The PUBG Killer? Touches 100 M Downloads

Image Credit: Flickr GamingLyfe Network

The popular Call of Duty video game is killing it on the mobile platform. According to Sensor Tower, the mobile version of this first-person shooter game has reached 100 million downloads in a couple of weeks, since its launch. The multi-player shooting game was launched on mobile and is giving a tough fight to famous PUBG and Fortnite games. In the first week of launch, CoD was downloaded by 20 million users, which is close to the 25 million figure of PUBG. However, within the next week, the downloads reached 100 million. If this fantastic show continues, CoD will give PUGB a run for its money. It’s too early to call the shots but the way things are turning around, it will be interesting to see how much of a dent CoD creates in PUBG’s following and its revenue. Link.



Twitter Is Selling Your Private Info For A Profit, Surprised?

Twitter has admitted that it has mistakenly provided advertisers with sensitive customer data. This data includes your mobile number if you use Twitter. The mobile number that is provided for extra security layer was used by advertisers to better target their consumers. Even after the admittance from Twitter, it’s clear that there has been a quid pro quo. If your crucial information was shared it was shared for money. When will tech giants stop using users info for making unethical profits? Link.



Did Russians Interfere In US Election Favouring Trump? Senate Report

Putin walking with Trump
Image Credits: Flickr BipHoo Company

According to the US Senate report, the Russian intelligence interfered in the US elections during Trump’s candidacy. The report says that the intrusion was to support Donald Trump in winning the elections. Interestingly, the report reveals that Black Americans were of special interest to these Russian intelligence operators. The report is recommending national PSA. Link.



Are You Interested In Space Beef?

Image Credit: Flickr Alabama Farmers Federation

 In a first, astronauts have been able to grow lab meat in the outer space. If you’re an animal lover you’ll be delighted to know that there’s some serious development in the field of lab-grown meat. In the Russian section of the international space station, astronauts have been able to make beef with the help of bioprinter. This lab-grown meat is still far from mass production but this experiment has opened up new doors for this technology. In the near future, hopefully, we will get to taste the space beef. Link.



Stick Like Smartphone From Essential, Hit Or A Miss?

Image Credit: Essential Andy Rubin Twitter handle

Andy Rubin, the former Google engineer to current CEO of Essential, has released some interesting stick like designed smartphone pictures. The description says that smartphones have GEM colourshift material. The UI is also custom with navigation buttons on top. The smartphone essentially looks like a TV remote. No other specifications are out yet. Is this unusual design a hit or a miss? Link.


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