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Is Basic Industries a Good Career Path?- [Detailed Analysis with Stats]

Often youth today face a tough choice when it comes to career choices. They are confused about which career option would work for them. Nowadays, many of them mull over is basic industries a good career path. This is because such jobs are not hyped much in their circles.

is basic industries a good career path

That, however, does not mean that you cannot choose to work here. Basic industries are those which supply raw materials to the other industries. Their jobs are different but immensely fulfilling. Here we will tell you all about basic industries and whether you ought to work here.

Before you ask “Is basic industries a good career path“, do you even know what it is?

Basic industries are those industries that actually supply raw materials to other industries. These raw materials are used to create products. If you want to know how many jobs are available in basic industries, then let us tell you there is no shortage. Some examples of such industries are Iron and steel, metallurgical, milling, paper, wood, etc.

Common categories of basic industries

Here are the main categories of basic industries:


Agriculture is a prime industry in some developed and underdeveloped countries. It is pretty essential and thus employs many people in various roles. Plus, it is a primary source of many raw materials. A considerable portion of a nation’s exports and imports come from Agriculture itself.

Infographic source: U.S. Census Bureau, American Community Survey

Some jobs in this sector are:

  • Agronomist
  • Animal scientist
  • Food scientist 
  • Plant scientist


A mineral is an essential raw material that all industries need. The mining industry involves two phases. One is the exploration stage, where minerals are found.

Then there is the construction and planning aspect. This involves at obtaining permits and making plans for mining.

  • Purchase Officer
  • Geotechnical Engineer
  • Mining Engineer

Oil and Gas industry

This remains one of the largest industries worldwide. It comprises of three segments, i.e., upstream, midstream, and downstream. The upstream companies work on discovering or producing oil and gas. At the same time, the midstream companies work on its transportation and storage. The downstream companies comprise the companies that purify the oil and run refineries. You can decide which kind of business you would want to join. Jobs here are:

  • Geoscientist
  • Oil rig worker
  • Oil field worker
  • Petroleum geological engineer
  • Offshore worker

Paper and Pulp

The paper industry consists of several small domains like packaging, hygiene products, and tissues. Pulp, on the other hand, is used in the textile industry. Jobs here can be:

  • Logger
  • Sawyer
  • Woodworker
  • Pulp or paper mill operator

Chemical industry

This industry involves transforming the raw materials into chemical solutions or gases. These are then easily used by the other industries. Some jobs include:

  • Chemical engineer
  • Chemical technician
  • Plant operator
  • Materials scientist
  • Chemist

Steel and metal

We cannot ignore the role of steel in the construction industry. Various constructions and real estate projects like railroad tracks, beams, and pipelines require steel; hence its demand never reduces. Common jobs are:

  • Iron worker
  • Machinist
  • Metal fabricator
  • Tool and die technician
  • Sheet metal worker


Utilities like electricity, water, and heating, etc., are profitable industries too. Plus, they are very much in demand as most industries require the same. Some of the prominent jobs here are:

  • Field installers
  • Plant operators
  • Utility engineer
  • Utility Inspector
  • Wastewater treatment technician

Every year Pharma industry employs a large number of people. But this field requires only highly trained and professional people.

The risk of any mistake remains very high. Plus you can even apply for management-related jobs like account managers, sales, and production managers. Post the pandemic the job demand in the industry continues to soar.

Why is basic industries a good career path? – Statistics

People who want to get some stability in their careers can choose a basic industry job. According to the U.S. Department of Agriculture, 19.7 Million full- and part-time jobs were related to the agricultural and food sectors in 2020 i.e. 10.3 % of total U.S. employment. 2021 reports show 601,149 people are dependent on the Mining Industry in the US and 8 Million jobs i.e. 9. 5.6% of total U.S. employment depends on the Oil and Gas Industry. As you can see there is a growing need for professionals in this field, that is why basic industries is a good career path.

As per the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics report, employment in the construction industry increased by 31,000 in November 2021. Heavy and civil engineering construction rose by 8,000. In the US, it is seen that gain occurred in miscellaneous durable goods manufacturing by 10,000 and fabricated metal products by 8,000.

Employment Projections program, U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics

Another factor that works in favor is that here you can get a high-paying and satisfying job. These industries directly impact an ordinary person’s life. Numerous job options depend on the interest of the applicant.

Apart from that, the people who work in Basic industries get to experience various situations. Thus their exposure and expertise level remains top-notch. This may be appealing to applicants who want a job that challenges them every day. The demand for raw materials never dies down. Hence the scope of your job will always show an uptrend.

Though here we would like to say that the jobs in basic industries are not easy. They involve hands-on experience and are strenuous. Yet, they are a good choice for those who are looking for something steady. The plethora of jobs means your job remains with no fears of downsizing.

What should you expect while working for basic industries?

We do not want you to feel everything is rosy in the basic industry’s job. Instead, it is better that you know some of the reality that you would have to face. The jobs in this industry tend to be strenuous. Here are some aspects you should expect if you decide to work there.

Highly trained

Choosing basic industries as a career option is not a bad idea. But remember that here only people with high skills are considered. You have to be exceptionally well trained to make a breakthrough. Plus, some of the jobs are hazardous. You must know how to tackle such a situation without any fear.

Physical nature of the job

Whichever job you choose, you will be required to do some running around. That is a basic premise that you must think of. If wondering Is basic industries a good career path, you should be open to this prospect. There is standing, carrying weights, running around, bending, and stretching tasks waiting for you. People who want desk jobs cannot do well in the basic industries.


Basic industries release many harmful by-products. These affect the environment too. Sometimes the health of the employees suffers. You must keep this in mind while looking for a job there. In fact, the people living around the complex remain at risk too. If you do not have a problem with this, you may look for a job in basic industries.

Which are the best paying jobs in the Basic industries to make a good career path?

There is no dearth of jobs in the Basic industries. You might wonder what do basic industries jobs pay. Some jobs pay better than the rest. Here are some high-paying profiles, along with the expected annual pay.

  • Petroleum Geologists- 100,000$ 
  • Drilling engineer- 100,000$
  • Metallurgists- 100,000$ +
  • Pipefitter- 90,000$
  • Synthetic chemist- 80,000$ 
  • Health and safety officer-77,000$
  • Forensic scientist-60,000$
  • Truck driver-64,000$
  • Agronomist-60,000$
  • Steel fabricator-40,000$
  • Electrician-48,000$

Characteristics of a good employee in the basic industry

Are you considering a job in the basic industry? If yes, then let us tell you that most employers look for certain attributes in the employees. 


Basic industries are the first ones to get affected when any significant economic change happens. Hence the person who seeks employment here must adapt to any situation. Plus they should understand the technology and its use and change their working as per the trends.


Employees are also expected to be excellent at time managing. There must be a flair for learning. The desire to excel makes it easier for anyone to break through. Once you get the job, you must have the potential to add value to the tasks assigned.

Attitude towards job

Even though the jobs are plentiful in the basic industries getting through is tough. Yet once you enter, you have to make sure you are there to stay. A positive go-getter kind of attitude always works. Employers appreciate an individual who is willing to accommodate. A desire to take up jobs is mandatory as mostly the jobs remain hectic. 


Basic industries have a huge employee count. Each task involves a huge team collaborating together. This task cannot be accomplished if someone is lacking behind. Naturally then, as a worker, you must be a good team player. Adapting to what your teammates say shows your sense of discipline. It also showcases and increases the chances of your team succeeding at the task. 


Irrespective of the industry, a proactive person is an asset. You have to make decisions after considering all the aspects. The demands of basic industries keep changing with time. Only an aggressive person knows how to rise up to the occasion. If you cannot charge ahead, the career prospects for you in the basic industries remain bleak.


Hopefully, after reading this, you will have no doubts on whether is basic industries a good career path or not. The jobs here will never die as the demand for raw materials never ends. Once you enter the sector, your options to grow are multifold. Yet the job will not be easy either. You will get all the benefits coming with a steady job. But the expectations from you are high too. Get into the basic industries field only if you are passionate and hard-working. Every year the industry churns out loads of jobs. If you are experienced enough, you might land with a prime package too.

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