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In this post an online referral service brought to you by INVITEBOX.COM will be discussed in detail. 

These days the markets have gone really cutthroat. The competition is rising every second and it has become really difficult to survive in this market. The virtual technology and advertising has made it both easy and really competitive to gain the trust and loyalty of the existing customers and to attract new customers.

Referral programs are a nice and easy to use way of further strengthening the bond with your existing customers while attracting new customers from the recommendation of the existing customers. In this post an online referral service brought to you by will be discussed in detail.


Well, you can make the customer to like your products and services by offering them the desired quality but it is really difficult to make him spread the word about your brand. Well, of course you can’t force him to refer your brand to his known ones. The only way is to influence him in such a manner that he is tempted to spread the word about your brand, and what else is better than a rewarding referral program for your customers.

With,  you need not worry about anything for this referral program. You just need to sign up for this service at and it will handle everything right from the front end API interface for the customer to fill up the referral forms to the back end data collection and the reward management mechanism. Besides the above mentioned services, provides you much more in terms of quality.

You just need to sign up and then fill in all the desired rules for your referral program. Shortly you will be provided with your personalized code which you need to paste in your website and then we will take care of the rest.

As a matter of fact, it has been noticed that more than 92 % of the customers go with their peer recommendations whereas only 40 % of the people trust the search engine results and merely 36 % go for online and social networking ads.

The referral program ran by Drop Box itself resulted in 35 % new sign ups every day. You can now easily imagine what a referral program is bound to benefit to your brand and that too with a very less investment.

We help you to host referral programs with instant rewards. This is the easiest referral program to conceive and easy for the participants to apprehend and implement. You may offer instant rewards in the form of digital content exclusively for the customer participating in the referral program, access to premium features and services on your website. We also help you to create coupons and codes for the users. Just upload coupons and codes and will automatically dispatch them along with the referral forms.

You may also hold a referral program with goals including This program sets a specific goal for the existing customers to bring in that specific amount of customers and then they will be awarded as soon as they complete their goal. A greater advantage is that the referral profits generally exceed the referral rewards to the customers, so you ultimately gain profits even after rewarding customers.

We also help you to hold referral contests. You may invoke more and more referral program participants in such a manner and at the end of the program you are supposed to reward only the highest referral bringing customer. In this manner you will be able to expand your customer base drastically with really less investment.

Any mode of referral program you choose we will be there for you at every step. In the beginning, you may opt to have a free trial for 14 days with as many as 100 participants and you will not be incurred even a single penny from for 14 days then if you like the results, which you definitely will, you may opt for either the fully features 100 monthly campaigns for $ 19 per month or 1,000 monthly campaigns for $ 59 per month or the grand 10,000 monthly campaigns for $ 199 per month.

Whichever program you choose, you need not worry for a single thing. Just provide us with the required data about your products and services and relax. At the end of the month you will be having all the detailed statistics collected by the referral program with you signifying the growth of your consumer base since the beginning of the program. The service is easy and quick with flexible rewards, fully configurable program features, social network integration and many more benefits.

Go to for further details.

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